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When getting back into the game
is all that matters,
GyroStim is the go-to training tool.

Concussed? Don’t waste another day hoping your dizziness, headache, nausea, sensitivities, and other debilitating symptoms will simply go away.

Actively treat your symptoms with GyroStim.


GyroStim can help you get back into the game faster.

Brain injuries do not discriminate.

A brain injury can occur to anyone regardless of health, age, gender, occupation, or situation in life. Brain injuries typically occur accidentally, unexpectedly, and within an instant. Even mild TBI can result in persistent post-concussive syndrome with lasting effects on cognition, balance, vision, hearing, proprioception, memory, and executive function --- all the elements athletes, and everyone one of us, rely on to be their best.

While it takes only a split second for a head injury to occur, the consequences can be catastrophic, even career-ending, and can result in debilitating symptoms that last a lifetime. Additionally, head injuries tend to have an accumulative effect, where numerous blows to the head insidiously chip away at brain health, athletic performance, and quality of life.


Now, the good news: GyroStim treatment can help.

Concussions typically cause vestibular dysfunction which can be the root cause of an array of symptoms including headache, imbalance, nausea, light-sound-motion sensitivity, brain fog, and other symptoms. GyroStim treatment gets right to the source of the problem by administering controlled strategic dosages of motion-induced therapy that stimulates, challenges, and rehabilitates the vestibular system and the overall performance of the sensorimotor system. The therapy sessions are data-driven, ensuring the rehabilitative stimulation is administered at optimal intensity, promoting rapid recovery while protecting from overstimulation.

Professional, Olympic, elite, and athletes at all levels and ages use GyroStim to get back in the game after concussion. Many of the athletes treated with GyroStim choose to continue training with it for performance enhancement benefits once they have moved beyond their concussion.

Athlete recovery stories


“By the second day, I looked at my girlfriend, she was with me, I said to Annie (Villeneuve, a Quebec professional singer) ”I felt a trigger, I haven’t felt this way in 5  months, but I felt a trigger, I am less dizzy, my brain is back on, it’s ready, I felt it”. I went to bed at 10pm that night and I woke up at 8 the next day, went for my treatment, took a nap from 8:30 to 11, went for another treatment, took another nap from noon to 5, went for treatments again and then I went to sleep and slept through the night. The next day I felt perfect. J’ai sorti de la brume---I’m out of the fog !”

• Guillaume Lattendress, NHL

"By the time of his treatment with the GyroStim, Alex had already seen 25 different specialists, undergone a multitude of diagnostic tests and evaluations and taken eighteen different medications. The GyroStim has given Alex more balance and relief of symptoms and hope for a cure than any treatment thus far."

• Parent of elite hockey player

"...the doctor suggested that Paul do five sessions in a GyroStim chair. After three sessions, he was symptom-free."

• Parent

Paul baseball

“When I came out of it, the first few times I was feeling better already. It was really good.”

• Joey Hishon NHL 

"There's [a solution] for this stuff, and it's not a drug. It's getting into the GyroStim."

• Daniel Carcillo, NHL retired

“GyroStim helped heal my dizzy and bruised melon."• Mike Liambas, NHL

“I began noticing a significant change in the intensity and duration of my dizziness and other symptoms on the third morning of treatment. It was the first day in 8 months that I woke up without a headache! After five days I had experienced a 60% recovery from symptoms, where other treatments hadn't given me any relief.”

• Rachel Krieger Team Canada, Water Polo


"GyroStim made me concussion and dizzy free in less than a week."  • Elite league hockey player

“In our experience, the GyroStim offered immediate relief to our daughter’s headaches and dizziness. At the time of this writing, she continues a steady recovery from her third concussion. Even with a steady recovery, there are occasional setbacks or bad days.


The fact is that each GyroStim session alleviated her most problematic symptoms.  We’ve pursued other vestibular therapies that have not had the same impact. We recognize that concussion recovery is complicated and the time and nature of each recovery varies based on the individual.


When it comes to our daughter, we have seen great results with the GyroStim.”

• Parent of child with dizziness following sports concussion


Performance enhancement

GyroStim works by stimulating and challenging the functional performance of your sensorimotor system.


Athlete roster

GyroStim is in use at universities and research institutions to explore clinical and human performance applications.

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