Installation Requirements

Plan your GyroStim room

Download and use the floor plan template to the right to plan for a GyroStim installation at your location.

Measure your room and sketch a scaled down layout on the floor plan template:

  • 1 square = 1 foot 

Sketch in:

  • Room doors and door swing

  • Any architectural features

  • Location of 110V & 220V outlets

  • Windows and light switches

Explore location options for GyroStim in your room:

  • Cut out and place the round GyroStim template on your sketched room to find the best location for the GyroStim

  • Sketch your desired GyroStim door swing - right or left swing

  • Include location of other equipment or furniture 

grid for web.png

Installation details

  • Pre-installation: Detailed discussions will occur far in advance of the installation date to exchange information, answer questions, and ensure the installation is on time and goes as planned.


  • Room size: A typical office room of 12 ft. x 14 ft. or larger is recommended. A complete review of your floor plan with an installation expert can be scheduled. Simply download the template above, sketch your ideal layout and send it to us for review.


  • Floor and flooring:  Floor must support 2,000-pound load spread over an 8’ diameter area. Floor should be level, flat, and covered with a non-absorbent material. Carpet is not recommended.


  • Electrical: Requires 220VAC, 30 AMP, single phase outlet. Power cord is equipped with a NEMA L6-30 plug.

  • Ceiling height: A typical 8 ft. high, or higher, ceiling is required for standard installations. A ceiling height greater than 9 ft. 6 in. is required for GyroStim with the integrated patient transfer system option (shown at left).

GyroStim installation with integrated patient transfer system.

Standard vs Custom installation

STANDARD Installation (shown at right)

GyroStim is crated and shipped to your location fully assembled. Once delivered, it will be rolled to the installation location.


Requirements: Door and hallway clearance must be wider than 48” and there are no stairs. If using a freight elevator, it must be at least
4 ft. X 8 ft.


CUSTOM Installation (shown at right)

In situations where GyroStim can't be rolled to the installation location due to multiple stairs or doors and hallways less than 48” wide, the GyroStim will be disassembled, crated, and shipped to your location. Sub-assemblies are moved to installation site. GyroStim is then reassembled, and final tested.

custom install cropped.jpg