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The information below covers what the customer is required to provide in preparation for, and in advance of, the installation, to help ensure a safe and successful GyroStim installation. 


Plan Your GyroStim Space

We recommend a minimum room size of 12'x14' to comfortably accommodate the GyroStim and operator station.


We will schedule a floor plan review once you have filled out the floor plan template below and shared it with us.

STEP 1: 

Outline your room dimensions on the template.

STEP 2: 

Sketch in important item locations:

  • windows and light switches;

  • location of 220V & 110V outlets;

  • room doors and door swing;

  • permanent architectural features;

  • equipment and furniture including the operator station.

STEP 3: 

Place Your GyroStim
The GyroStim has an 8' diameter footprint; sketch your desired GyroStim door swing.


GyroStim floorplan

Click image to download
printable planning template.

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GyroStim Installation Requirements

PATHWAY between delivery and installation point

  • Provide a video of this path from delivery to GyroStim room.



Confirm and provide us with the dimensions  (W-H) of all hallways and doors along the installation pathway.

  • For a standard installation, passage of 5’ wide is required,
    For a custom installation, passage of 36” is required.

  • Pathway must be free of steps or stairs.

ELEVATOR for installation not on ground floor

Confirm and provide us with the dimensions (L-W-H) of the elevator if applicable.

  • Elevator must be a minimum of 3’ x 4’ x 7’


Forklift and trained operator should be available to offload crates from freight truck if required.


A room size of 12 ft. x 14 ft. or larger is recommended.

  • See floor plan template below.


Confirm floor load bearing capacity from landlord.

  • Must be able to support 1800lbs distributed over an 8x8 footprint.


  • Provide Input power of 220VAC 30A for GyroStim

  • Provide permanent connection box with On/Off disconnect switch, lockable switch:

    • 30 Amp 240-Volt 2-Pole Fused Indoor Light Duty Safety Switch for H or J Fuse Types

    • Manufacturer: Square D, Model #L221N   

  • Provide additional power of 110VAC for operator station



Two professionally trained movers with dollies and other basic moving equipment should be available to assist with installation if required.

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