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For Clinicians

More than just a Breakthrough Medical Device for clinical outcomes, GyroStim can also be your breakthrough for services offered, attracting new patients, and improving your bottom line.


GyroStim has been designated by the FDA as a Breakthrough Medical Device for one very SMART reason: it provides better treatment than the standard of care.








GyroStim's SMART has revolutionized patient care.


GyroStim's technologically enhanced treatment capabilities provide a new and improved way to administer therapy - and it is SMART (Sensorimotor Multi-axis Automated Rotational Therapy).

SMART can be administered alone or as an adjunct therapy to VRT strategies. It can improve clinical efficiency by as much as 5 times faster than VRT alone.


GyroStim software provides a built-in clinical decision support (CDS) system, giving you the confidence that therapy sessions are administered and progress with optimal efficiency and efficacy, while protecting the patient from overstimulation. 

GyroStim is not only beneficial for your patients, it can also provide significant financial benefits for your business. Owning a GyroStim, an official FDA Breakthrough Medical Device, presents great opportunity for injecting new life and impressive content into future marketing campaigns. It can help your clinic stand out from the others while attracting new patients and creating a new revenue stream.


Purchasing a GyroStim is an investment into the health of your patients and into the health of your practice. Click here to access the ROI calculator and explore how a GyroStim revenue stream can become a vital contributor to the health of your bottom line.

Clinical Data

Clinical Comparison of GyroStim to Standard of Care for Vestibular Dysfunction / Balance Disorders

Vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT) is a form of physical therapy (PT) that has been recognized as the standard of care (SOC) for treating vestibular dysfunction and balance disorders for decades. 

The results of clinical data comparisons demonstrate with high confidence that GyroStim therapy combined with vestibular rehabilitation therapy (GS+SOC) presents a statistically significant improvement over vestibular rehabilitation therapy alone. GyroStim SMART provides for safe and effective treatment that is significantly more efficient with an average reduction in treatment time of approximately 70% than SOC alone.

Prelim data.png

GyroStim Purchasing Info

Be informed and invest wisely. Below is a list of important considerations that span multiple facets of the impact a GyroStim can have on your practice. 


Important Considerations

Important general information as you consider adding a GyroStim to your facility like: space, logistics, staffing and billing.


Return on Investment Calculator

This calculator will help you crunch revenue numbers as you evaluate adding GyroStim to your business financials.


Financing Options

We can provide contact info to finance companies who will work to find the right package for your GyroStim purchase.


Clinician/Owner Testimonials

Read what owners have to say their experiences with GyroStim.


Installation Requirements

Download the GyroStim floor plan tool to help plan your GyroStim room to scale and with all the key considerations.


Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions and answers about the GyroStim.

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