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For Clinicians

GyroStim is designated by the FDA as a Breakthrough Medical Device. It integrates well with existing treatment modalities, provides access to treatment for lower functioning patients, and can provide a significant enhancement to clinical outcomes.

Elevate your practice


GyroStim is used at clinics to assist in the treatment of balance disorders, vestibular dysfunction, and other symptoms resulting from head injury, illness, and advanced age.


Owning a GyroStim makes a statement that differentiates your practice from others in your marketplace. GyroStim has helped clinicians gain recognition from patients, peers, and the competition as a leader in your medical field and community.

Vestibular dysfunction and balance disorders associated with injury, disease, advanced age, and other conditions are notoriously challenging to diagnose and can be even more challenging to treat.

GyroStim overcomes many of the challenges and limitations of VRT. It offers quantifiable control of stimulation intensity, precise replication of protocols, accessibility for low-functioning patients, comfort, and safety.

From a business perspective, GyroStim introduces a new revenue stream and is an attractor for new patients, supporting the health of your clientele and your bottom line.

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