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GyroStim isn’t just a breakthrough medical device; it is a differentiator that can also be a breakthrough for your clinic, your patients, and your bottom line.

Whether you will operate, refer patients, or purchase a GyroStim, the tabs below will take you to information that is important to practitioners who need to know more about clinical outcomes, how GyroStim works, how it's used, and patient experiences.

Additionally, there are tabs below that will direct you to pages covering essential purchasing information. 


A typical GyroStim session

What is a treatment session with GyroStim like? This page provides a video and explains the experience.

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Clinical Data

Clinical data demonstrates that GyroStim provides significant positive outcomes up to 5x faster than traditional methods alone. 

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Methods & Strategies

What is a treatment session with GyroStim like? This page provides a video and explains the experience.


Hear from Clinicians

Clinic owners from around the world share what owning a GyroStim has meant to their practice and to their patients. 

Interior Designer

Planning for GyroStim

Download the GyroStim floor plan tool to help plan your GyroStim room to scale and with all the key specifications and considerations.


Hear from Patients

People from all walks of life tell their stories of using GyroStim to address vestibular dysfunction stemming from an array of causes.


Return on Investment

Use this calculator to crunch your financial numbers to assess how owning a GyroStim can impact your bottom line.

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Financing Available

We have access to reputable lenders who have helped many clinic owners convert their vision of owning a GyroStim into reality.

Treatment plan

Purchase FAQs

Buying a GyroStim is a significant decision. See the common considerations  people have about adding a GyroStim to their practice.

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Let's talk.

No two practices are the same.  Set up a time to talk with us about your specific questions around owning a GyroStim.

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