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gyrostim cost

Purchase FAQs

The healthcare industry is highly competitive. GyroStim is a solid investment that can help your clinic stay competitive and increase market share in your region.

Is GyroStim right for your practice... and for you?

Invest wisely. Below is a list of important considerations that span multiple facets of the impact a GyroStim can have on your practice. 

  • Have you considered the demand in your community for this technology and its potential to generate revenues at your practice? Click here to use a GyroStim revenue calculator to explore revenue and utilization scenarios specific to your practice based on current GyroStim cost. 

  • Will adding a GyroStim to your practice complement existing services, or will it be an expansion of the services you offer and the clients you serve?

  • Are you and or members of your clinical staff properly trained for diagnosing and treating vestibular dysfunction and balance disorders, including conditions resulting from head injury, advanced age, illness, and other conditions?


  • Do you have sufficient space for a GyroStim? A typical 12' x 14' office room is adequate.  Click here to view more installation requirements.

  • What logistical challenges will your practice face with increased patient volume? Adequate staff? Adequate parking? Additional hours or days of operation, etc?

  • If your practice is located outside of the United States, note that GyroStim is designated, marketed, and sold in the US as a medical device. Outside of the US, GyroStim is marketed and sold as a balance training system with no intended use claimed for medical applications.

Purchase a GyroStim

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