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GyroStim Owners Want You To Know...

With systems located around the world, hear what some of the GyroStim owners have to say...


"I have been using the GyroStim for almost 15 years and it is a foundation of many of our patient's success. It is a unique way to stimulate the visual and vestibular system to create objective changes in neurological biomarkers. We use it for both neurological conditions as well as athletic optimization and find our patients enjoy the therapy and can perceive the benefits." 

Dr. David Traster
Neurologic Wellness Institute • Boca Raton

Boca Raton, FL • Owner Since 2022

Carolina Brain Center Raleigh NC

"GyroStim technology has added depth to our treatment programs for patients suffering from vestibular complaints and disorders, sensorimotor challenges, and PTSD. We also use this powerful treatment to enhance human performance in our athletes and in children with learning and other developmental disorders. Our patients love the technology, but more importantly, they love the results. From a business aspect, better results lead to helping more patients. Thank you, Kevin Maher, and the GyroStim team for helping all of us help more people!" 


Dr. Darcy Dane
Carolina Brain Center

Raleigh, NC • Owner Since 2022


“Now that I have one, I can't imagine ever not having a GyroStim in my practice. “The GyroStim is spectacular, we are getting amazing outcomes. It is the best decision we have ever made.”

Dr. Joe Schneider

Hope Brain & Body Recovery Center

Chadds Ford, PA • Owner since 2020


"For years I had dreamed about purchasing this incredible device that has helped so many patients around the world recover from lingering neurological symptoms. In 2017 I pulled the trigger and became the first clinic in Minnesota to offer Gyrostim in our Functional Neurology Center. From day one our practice changed for the better and patients came from all over the Midwest, USA, Canada and international to receive treatment. The results we have seen with complex central vestibular disorders, post concussion and dysautonomia have lead to many other providers in the medical field referring to us. I can confidently say that Gyrostim has taken our clinic to the next level and beyond."


Dr. Jeremy Schmoe • The Functional Neurology Center

Minnetonka, MN  • Owner Since 2018

“GyroStim has expanded our business model and created a separate source of income, positioning us to be successful in any business climate, and, it has increased our reputation as the best clinic in our region.”

Dr. Wayne Miller

West Coast Functional Neurology

Santa Maria, CA  • Owner since 2011

West Coast
Functional Neurology

“This therapy is an incredible addition to the many therapies we already use.”

Dr. Alecia Brown
Better Brain & Body

Charlotte, NC • Owner since 2019


"I was lucky enough to work with GyroStim as early as 2014 and to be able to be the first French and probably one of the first Europeans to use the Gyrostim, at a time when it was not well known. It is a great prevention tool, but also a training tool for brain-damaged patients (adults and children). The Brainmoove Center has become, over time, an expert in the use of these protocols; and we continue, with enthusiasm to promote the use of this multi-axis gyroscopic tool."


Dr. Raphael Royer

Brainmoove Center

France  • Owner Since 2014



“I have seen a great number of professional athletes respond to the proprioceptive stimulation and accelerated reaction time that has proven success on the field, ice rink, and in the ring.”

Dr. Jeff McWhorter

McWhorter CNC

Denver, CO • Owner since 2019


“GyroStim has significantly increased the number of patients to our facility.”


Dr. Ron VanderKuil

Neuro Technology Center
The Netherlands
 • Owner Since 2013

​  Dr. James Duffy  Innova Brain Rehabilitation  Marietta, GA
​  Dr. James Duffy  Innova Brain Rehabilitation  Marietta, GA

"This device is impressive even when not in operation so patients see that you’re committed to their health by your investment in the machine. We are looked at by peers as leaders in brain rehab.”

Dr. James Duffy

Innova Brain Rehabilitation

Marietta, GA • Owner since 2016

dr-stephanos-kassabalis-gyrostim owner

“Installing the GyroStim has changed my practice for the better.”

Dr. Stephanos Kassabalis

Innerwest Functional Chiropractic

Sydney, Australia • Owner since 2014

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