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For Patients

GyroStim is designated by the FDA as a Breakthrough Medical Device. It integrates well with existing treatment modalities, provides access to treatment for lower-functioning patients, and can significantly enhance clinical outcomes.


GyroStim is a therapeutic treatment
that helps your body heal itself from within.
It is non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical.

GyroStim works by providing therapeutic stimulation and challenge to the functional performance of your sensorimotor system: the complex network of sensory input and motor output signals that constantly communicate with your brain and allows you to interact with your world. 


Head injury, disease, illness, advanced age, and other conditions can often cause dysfunction of the sensorimotor system. Symptoms may include a long, frustrating road. Passively waiting to get better, masking symptoms with medication, or spending precious time on rehabilitation strategies that aren't producing desired results only adds to the frustration and loss. The treatment sessions are data-driven and individualized, which not only provides a treatment that is efficient and effective but also helps protect the patient from over-stimulation.

Other advantages include precise control of treatment parameters and intensity, a high degree of safety for both patient and clinician, accurate replication of protocols, and accessibility for low-functioning and non-ambulatory patients.

Most importantly, GyroStim is effective and efficient to help you quickly regain your balance, allowing you to reengage and get back to work, school, sports, and living your life.

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