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GyroStim Breakthrough Medical Technology

The convergence of state-of-the-art technologies resulting in a medical device with unparalleled features and capabilities. 

Product Features

  • Hardware and software fail-safe design throughout

  • Patient symptom monitoring system

  • Over-stimulation prevention monitoring 

  • Library of standardized profiles​

  • Library of user-created customized profiles

  • Quantitative and qualitative data capture

  • Subject history reports

  • System utilization reports

  • Data-driven progression capabilities

  • Safe, easy patient loading and unloading​

  • Adjustable seat for accommodating patient size

  • Safety interlocked harness system

  • Intuitive user interface

  • Maintenance-free automation systems

Laser Targeting Technology 

The patented integrated laser targeting technology offers many new opportunities and possibilities in visuomotor, visuocognitive, and sensorimotor therapy. GyroStim software monitors and integrates the objective run data (laser target hit count, target hits per minute, profile level, run duration, and more) and displays the data on the RUN page. The data provide the operator with quantifiable measures of subject response to the treatment and add an element of gamification to the experience, i.e., it's fun too!

Automated Patient Transfer System (OPTIONAL)

The automated and integrated transfer system (photo at right)) provides safe, dignified, and easy loading and unloading of non-ambulatory individuals up to 400 lbs.

GyroStim and hoist

Principles of Operation

Fundamental principles of operation are:

  • Automation

  • Whole-Body Multi-Axis Rotation

  • Data-Driven Therapy Progression

  • Relative Intensity Protocols

  • Interactive Multisensory Stimulation


Whole-body multi-axis rotation generates comprehensive simultaneous stimulation to all sensory systems located throughout the human body.

Automation also allows for data-driven treatment strategies. Qualitative and quantitative data is used for clinical decision support throughout the treatment session. Data provides the clinician with critical information, allowing the therapy to be advanced at a pace that is optimized and appropriate for each patient.

Treatment advances via a library of relative intensity motion protocols that serves as a framework for data-driven progression of individualized treatment programs.

Throughout the treatment, interactive multisensory stimulation is presented in a variety of cognitive and physical challenges during whole-body rotation.

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