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GyroStim Overview

Breakthrough technology. Breakthrough treatment. Breakthrough outcomes.

What is GyroStim?

GyroStim is a computer-controlled, automated, multi-axis rotational chair. It is a highly specialized robotic chair that overcomes the multitude of inherent limitations of manually administered physical therapy. It provides automated motion-induced therapeutic strategies that are safer, more accessible, more efficient, more controllable, and more effective than any other device or strategy.

GyroStim has recently been designated by the FDA as a Breakthrough Medical Device for its ability to provide safer and more effective treatment for the wide range of symptoms of vestibular dysfunction.

How does it work?

GyroStim works by moving your entire body through space, generating controlled dosages of gentle yet powerful motion-induced therapeutic stimulation. The motions and activities induce targeted stimulation of multiple sensory and motor systems throughout your body and brain.

The progression of therapy intensity is data-driven, ensuring every treatment session is not only comfortable but is also presented with optimal intensity, promoting rapid recovery while protecting you from overstimulation.

No other means or device, manual or mechanical, can match the complex, powerful, and effective capabilities of GyroStim.

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Who uses GyroStim?

People from all walks of life use GyroStim to recover from injury, to restore lost abilities, and to improve quality of life.


What is a typical session like?

Want to know what to expect when you use the GyroStim? This page provides a video and explains the experience.

Why is it effective?

GyroStim therapy is effective because it gets right to the source of the problem: the functional performance of the sensorimotor system.


According to NASA:

"The sensorimotor system is a network that includes the sensory organs (eyes, ears, skin), parts of the nervous system, and the body's motor controls. It governs the human body's ability to perceive and respond to the external environment, as well as its ability to move and other functional activities."

The human sensorimotor system enables you to interact with the world around you. The vestibular system is extremely complex and is a major contributor to the sensorimotor system. When the vestibular system is impaired due to head injury, advanced age, some illnesses, and other neurological conditions, the sensorimotor system becomes dysfunctional.

Interacting with the world becomes fraught with debilitating symptoms such as dizziness and motion sensitivity, headache, nausea, brain fog, sleep disorders, sensitivity to light and sound, and many other symptoms that may come and go, or persist indefinitely.

GyroStim can help improve the functional performance of the vestibular and other sensory systems, thereby improving the functional performance of the sensorimotor system. The result can be a life-changing reduction, and in many cases, a complete elimination of persistent symptoms.

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Methods & Strategies

This page provides additional details and a deeper explanation for some of the GyroStim methods and strategies.

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Find a GyroStim near you.

GyroStim is in use around the world by clinicians, physical therapists, and researchers. Click below to see GyroStim locations open to the public. 

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