About GyroStim


What is GyroStim? 


GyroStim is FDA-cleared and is designated by the FDA as a Breakthrough Medical Device. It is an automated multi-axis rotational and positional chair. It has unparalleled capabilities for providing patients with safe and precisely controlled simple and complex motions through space. Its purpose is for inducing therapeutic stimulation and challenge to the sensorimotor system.

What is GyroStim used for?  

GyroStim is used to improve the functional performance of your sensorimotor system: the complex network of sensory input and motor output signals running throughout your body that are interconnected with your brain. The performance of this system determines how well you can perceive, process, and react to your receptive field (the world around you).


Clinical Applications:

Improving the performance of the sensorimotor system has clinical applications for improving balance problems, vestibular dysfunction, and associated symptoms such as nausea, headache, fatigue, brain fog, vision sensitivities, dizziness, stumbling, falling, motion sickness, anxiety, poor concentration, and vertigo just to name a few.


Athletic Performance Applications:

Improved sensorimotor performance will enhance many basic qualities of athletic performance including hand-eye coordination, spatial and situational awareness, reaction time, decisiveness, body coordination, proprioception, and certainly more.

Who uses GyroStim?

GyroStim is many different things to many different people. Clinicians use GyroStim to help patients rehabilitate balance and vestibular disorders and related conditions. Athletes use GyroStim to improve the essence of their athleticism; the sensorimotor system.

Why should I use GyroStim?

GyroStim is effective and efficient. It is the only FDA-cleared Breakthrough Medical Device for treatment of balance disorders and vestibular dysfunction.

How does GyroStim work?

GyroStim stimulates, exercises, and enhances the functional performance of the sensorimotor system. The therapy is data-driven, making it effective, efficient, and individualized to match your needs.

What is a
GyroStim therapy session like?

Each therapy session has multiple short duration runs, each run is separated by a short rest period. You will be monitored throughout the session to make sure the therapy progression is optimized for maximum effectiveness and to prevent overstimulation.


Who Uses GyroStim? 


People from all walks of life and all levels of ability use GyroStim. Seniors with aging-related imbalance, Olympic and professional athletes at the top of their game, people with quadriplegia--- and virtually everyone in between can benefit from GyroStim.

Who Uses GyroStim?

The video above shows people from all walks of life using GyroStim.

Why should I use GyroStim? 

GyroStim is efficient, safe, accessible for non-ambulatory patients, stimulating, gamified, challenging, comfortable, fun, data-driven therapy, AND, GyroStim has been officially designated by the FDA as a Breakthrough Medical Device.

GyroStim is used by people across the entire spectrum of health. Regardless of your current condition, improving the performance of your sensorimotor system can have lasting positive effects on health and quality of life.


What is GyoStim For?

For balance or vestibular symptoms

  • A comparison of preliminary clinical data demonstrates that GyroStim treatment combined with Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT) provides improved balance assessment scores with a reduction of approximately 70% less treatment time than VRT alone.

  • The GyroStim provides a wide range of motion intensities that will be continuously adjusted to meet your individual needs. This customization is important because your symptoms will likely change and improve throughout the course of the treatment. When that happens, the clinician will adjust the therapy to reinforce and build on your gains as they occur.

For athletic performance training

  • GyroStim is a universal gym for your brain. It delivers powerful, comprehensive, and complex data-driven training programs that are dedicated to one purpose --- improving the functional performance of your sensorimotor system.

  • The sensorimotor system is the essence of athleticism. It is the vital network that consists of your brain and its lightning-speed interconnections with sensory input and motor output signals throughout your body. It is the foundation of athletic abilities. Challenging and optimizing it can improve your reaction time, balance, reflexes, coordination, situational awareness, mental acuity, decisiveness, and so much more.

  • Challenging and optimizing the performance of your sensorimotor system allows you to squeeze every bit of performance out of your body and brain, unleashing your ultimate athleticism.


How does GyroStim work?


GyroStim provides therapeutic challenge to the functional performance of the sensorimotor system. It accomplishes this by presenting you with a series of motion induced stimulation simultaneously with visuomotor, visuospatial, and visuocognitive challenges. The intensity of the stimulation will be incrementally increased as your ability to perceive, process, and react to the challenges improves.

  • Perceive: sensory input from the eyes (vision), ears (hearing), vestibular system (perception of gravity, motion, and spatial orientation), proprioception (skin, muscles, joints - touch) and other parts of the sensory nervous system are transmitted simultaneously to the brain

  • Process: the perceived sensory information is received and processed throughout the brain

  • React: motor commands are fired from the brain to the body in response to the perceived and processed sensory information

How does GyroStim work?

The Venn diagram above illustrates how your human performance is a direct result of your ability to perceive, process, and react.


What is GyroStim therapy like?

  • A GyroStim session typically lasts 30 minutes and is made up of one or more therapeutic stimulations, a.k.a. "runs." Each run is typically between 15 and 60 seconds long. There will be a rest period between each run, followed by a progress assessment.

  • Everyone begins GyroStim therapy with slow, predictable, non-inverting motion profiles. This allows subjects of all levels of abilities the opportunity to become acquainted with the sensations and activities involved with the therapy, and without experiencing motion discomfort or sensory overload.

What is GyroStim therapy like?
BUTTONAsset 2_4x.png

The video above illustrates incremental advancement of therapy intensity from Level 1, to Level 3, and to Level 5.

  • Multiple laser detecting targets are located on the safety perimeter around the GyroStim. During the run, the patient may be tasked with using a hand-held laser pointer to hit as many targets as possible. Each target hit is communicated to the GyroStim software monitor. You may also be tasked to do cognitive challenges while attempting to hit targets.

  • Combining the motions with the targeting activity challenges visuomotor, visuospatial, and visuocognitive performance, along with the performance of the sensorimotor system that runs throughout the human body and brain. It also provides a quantifiable measure of the subject's ability to respond to the motion intensity. Additionally, the gamification aspect of keeping score make the sessions fun and promotes patient effort.

  • At the end of the run, your subjective response, i.e. headache, nausea, dizziness, brain fog, and other possible symptomatic responses are recorded and assessed together with your objective response, i.e. target hits per minute. This information will be used by the GyroStim operator for assessing how well you are responding to the current intensity of therapy, and, for guidance on how best to proceed with the next run. 

  • GyroStim has a library of pre-written motion profiles that offers a broad spectrum of therapeutic variables and intensities. The library provides the operator with quick access to GyroStim's wide range of capabilities. When used with the GyroStim Run-to-Run strategy, providing individualized, optimized, and effective sessions has never been easier.


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