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Introducing GyroStim's
Breakthrough Techology

GyroStim is an automated, computer-controlled, multi-axis rotational and positional chair designed to induce therapeutic stimulation of the human sensorimotor system.

GyroStim is FDA-cleared and has been designated by the FDA as a Breakthrough Medical Device.

What is GyroStim used for?  

GyroStim's automated and precisely controlled whole-body rotational capabilities are used for administering therapeutic motion-induced stimulation to challenge and enhance the functional performance of the sensorimotor system; the complex network of sensory and motor systems located throughout the body that interconnects with the brain.


GyroStim is used for treating balance disorders and vestibular dysfunction.


GyroStim is also used to help improve athletic performance.

  • Clinical Applications:
    Improving the performance of the sensorimotor system has clinical applications for the treatment of balance disorders, vestibular dysfunction, and associated symptoms such as imbalance, nausea, headache, fatigue, vision sensitivities, dizziness, motion sickness, anxiety, brain fog and poor concentration.


  • Athletic Performance Applications:
    Improved sensorimotor performance can enhance the foundational elements of athletic performance such as balance, hand-eye coordination, spatial and situational awareness, reaction time, decisiveness, and proprioception.


Your ability to perceive, process, and react to your surrounding environment (your receptive field) is directly tied to the functional performance of your sensorimotor system: the complex network of sensory and motor systems located throughout your body that interconnects with your brain.

How does GyroStim work?  

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  • Perceive: sensory information from the eyes (vision), ears (hearing), vestibular system (perception of gravity, motion, and spatial orientation), proprioception (skin, muscles, joints) and other peripheral sensory structures is transmitted to the brain stem

  • Process: the perceived sensory information is  processed throughout the cerebellum and cerebral cortex (sensory integration)

  • React: the brain stem fires impulses to muscles throughout the body in reaction to the perceived and processed sensory information

Sensorimotor System Processes

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Head injury, illness, neurological conditions, and the aging process can interfere with the performance of this complex system. When this happens, balance problems, reduced physical and cognitive abilities, and other chronic symptoms may occur.

Fortunately, the sensorimotor system can be rehabilitated. Just as physical injuries can be rehabilitated with therapy comprised of exercises designed to challenge and strengthen the injured structure, the sensorimotor system can be rehabilitated with a regimen of exercises designed to challenge and improve the functional performance of the sensorimotor system.

GyroStim works by incrementally challenging and improving the functional performance of the sensorimotor system. It moves your body in pre-programmed motions through space to generate motion-induced stimulation of the sensorimotor system. The motions induce a flood of simultaneous stimulation to sensory structures located throughout your body (eyes, ears, skin, joints, etc.) that challenges and rehabilitates your ability to perceive, process, and react to the world around you. Each therapy session is precisely controlled and data-driven, allowing for individualized and optimized therapy, while protecting the patient from overstimulation.

More GyroStim Basics  


Who uses GyroStim?

GyroStim is used by people from all walks of life and with a wide range of abilities. Originally invented to help improve the balance of a little girl with cerebral palsy, new GyroStim applications continue to be discovered...


Why should I use it?

GyroStim stimulates, exercises, and enhances the functional performance of the sensorimotor system. The therapy sessions are data-driven, making it effective, efficient, and individualized to match...


What is treatment like?

Safe, comfortable, and FUN! A therapy session is made of multiple short duration runs that are separated by a short rest period. You will be monitored to make sure the therapy is progressing at an optimal rate for maximium...