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GyroStim for Athletic Peformance

GyroStim provides the most efficient and most effective training for athletic skills such as:

 reaction time situational awareness discernment hand-eye coordination  proprioception spatial awareness decisiveness mental acuity

So, how does GyroStim training work?

GyroStim training stimulates, challenges, and improves the core of athleticism: the sensorimotor system.  


The sensorimotor system is the complex network of sensory input and motor output signals that run internally throughout your body and interconnect with your brain. This system is the foundation of your ability to perceive, process, and react to what is happening around you, a.k.a. your perceptual field.

Using an NFL defensive tackle as an example, although he may have outstanding strength and endurance, it is ultimately the speed and performance of his sensorimotor system that enables him to read the play and process the action on the field; to make instantaneous decisions with coordinated movements and accurate adjustments, all with lightning speed that allow him to outmaneuver the ball carrier and make the tackle.


Solomon Thomas / NFL

Perceive  Process React

It's what the sensorimotor system is all about...

... and perceiving, processing, and reacting to the dynamic and challenging situations that make up your sport, is fundamental to your athletic ability. Improve the performance of your sensorimotor system, and your athleticism will improve, it's that simple---and GyroStim is the key. 


GyroStim has unparalleled, data-driven capabilities for challenging and improving the functional performance of any athlete's sensorimotor system. Similar to the concept of progressive overload training strategies that are used for strength and conditioning, GyroStim provides overload training that targets and improves the functional performance of the sensorimotor system.


GyroStim is uniquely capable of providing the athlete with highly specialized, full-immersion training strategies that comprehensively and systematically challenge and enhance the functional performance of the sensorimotor system. Every training run is data-driven which ensures optimal training intensity while providing protection from overstimulation.


The video below offers a glimpse into the intensive capabilities of GyroStim's high performance overload training.

There is always room for improvement; imagine how improving the core of athletic performance will improve your game.

Grant Neal • MMA

This athlete is firing laser beams at integrated targets while rotating at extreme speeds; the ultimate overload training for his sensorimotor system.

Performance gains include:

  • Reaction time / reflexes

  • Balance / coordination

  • Proprioception

  • Decisiveness

  • Hand-eye coordination

  • Situational awareness

  • Spatial awareness

  • Dynamic visual acuity

  • Discernment

  • Mental acuity

  • Object tracking

  • Peripheral awareness

  • Concentration

  • Mental stamina


It's about your brain's ability to do 3 things - quickly and accurately - perceive, process, and react:

  • PERCEIVE: Detailed information about what is happening in the world around you is sensed through the eyes (vision), ears (hearing), vestibular system (balance), and other parts of the sensory nervous system and transmitted to the brain. 

  • PROCESS: The perceived sensory information is fired throughout the brain, igniting a cascade of processing activity as the brain works quickly to form an appropriate response to the perceived sensory information. 

  • REACT: Once the sensory information has been perceived and processed, the brain reacts with thoughts, verbal responses, and voluntary (or involuntary) motor commands.

As GyroStim challenges each of these sensorimotor functions to perform at progressively higher levels, new performance gains will occur throughout the sensorimotor system. Since the sensorimotor system is at the core of everything you do, the performance gains will transfer to virtually every activity you engage in, but most importantly, to your athletic performance.​


Increase the performance of your sensorimotor system and unlock your ultimate athleticism with GyroStim.

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   The sensorimotor system is      the core of athletic performance.

Whatever sport you excel in --- PERCEIVE • PROCESS • REACT --- is the core of your performance.

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