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Athletic Performance

GyroStim is the most effective device for improving sensorimotor performance whether for recovery or for performance enhancement. Data-driven training sessions push sensorimotor capabilities, allowing top athletes from around the world to return to play and to push their ultimate athletic performance.

Top athletic performance can be achieved ONLY when both physical AND mental capabilities are synchronized and operating at peak performance.

GyroStim is the most effective device for improving the underlying mechanism of athleticism- the sensorimotor system. Data-driven training sessions enhance the functional performance of the sensorimotor system. The result is your body becomes optimally synchronized with your brain which allows you to compete at your ultimate athletic performance.

  • GyroStim can help athletes reach their ultimate potential by providing intensive training programs designed to push the functional performance of their sensorimotor system.


  • GyroStim's library of profiles has a full range of intensities, from slow and rhythmic motions, to high-intensity profiles that can challenge the performance of even the fastest athletes in the world.

  • Additional strategies may be included to enhance multitasking and discernment capabilities. GyroStim challenges and pushes the functional performance of essential athletic abilities including, reaction time, balance, hand-eye coordination, decisiveness and discernment, spatial awareness, situational awareness, and mental endurance, and more.

Performance gains reported by athletes include improvements in:

  • Reaction time / reflexes

  • Balance / coordination

  • Proprioception

  • Decisiveness

  • Hand-eye coordination

  • Situational awareness

  • Dynamic visual acuity

  • Discernment

  • Mental acuity

  • Object tracking

  • Peripheral awareness

  • Concentration

  • Sleep / recovery

  • Mental focus

Achieve, Maintain, and Extend Your Ultimate Potential

The absolute potential of any athlete can be achieved ONLY when both the musculoskeletal system and the sensorimotor system that commands it are synchronized and functioning at peak performance.


GyroStim is a breakthrough device that will provide intensive strategic stimulation to challenge and enhance the functional performance of the sensorimotor system, so you can can compete at your ultimate potential.

Solomon Thomas / NFL


Achieve Critical Gains

GyroStim's data-driven training programs provide highly efficient and effective, specificity and overload training where it matters. It fine tunes the performance of the sensorimotor system. 


The benefits of improving the performance of the sensorimotor system are vast, but even a minor improvement in balance, timing, reflexes, or spatial awareness can make all the difference of whether you make the landing or make a critical mistake.

Mariah Bell / Olympic Figure Skating

Mariah Bell / Olympic Figure Skating

Experience Incremental, Unlimited Challenge


With powerful and precise training programs capable of reaching speeds up to 30 RPM and a wide variety of cognitive challenges, GyroStim has performance enhancing programs that will challenge the performance and abilities of all athletes, from novice to the most elite athlete.

Everyone begins training with slow and easy exercises. As skills improve, the training intensity is increased. GyroStim's powerful automation systems can keep the intensity exactly where it needs to be to drive new gains- just above your existing performance capabilities.. Specific cognitive challenges can be added during each run, pushing the performance of cognitive contributions to athleticism, such as mental acuity, situational awareness, decisiveness, discernment, multi-tasking, and other abilities.


Grant Neal / Bellator MMA Top 10

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