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GyroStim for Ultimate Athletic Performance

Athletes today know that brain performance is the key to unlocking ultimate athleticism.

GyroStim is the key to unlocking brain performance. 

So, how does GyroStim training work?


Using an NFL defensive tackle as an example, the athlete has the necessary strength and the endurance, but it is ultimately the speed and performance of his sensorimotor system that enables him to read the play, to maneuver his body through the offensive line, and tackle the ball carrier.


The sensorimotor system is the complex network of sensory input and motor output signals running throughout your body that interconnect with your brain. This system allows you to perceive, process, and react to what is happening around you, a.k.a. your perceptual field.  



Solomon Thomas / NFL

Within fractions of a second, the athlete's brain:

  • perceives the best opportunity to break through the offensive line

  • processes the situation and determines the route and actions that will most likely achieve his goal of getting to the ball carrier, and then...

  • reacts by sending coordinated motor commands through the sensorimotor system to the appropriate muscle groups - at the precise time - and with greater speed and agility than the other players to tackle the ball carrier


The speed and precision with which the defensive tackle can maneuver are directly determined by his ability to Perceive, Process, and React: the functional performance of his sensorimotor system.


Essentially, the sensorimotor system is the core, the primary factor, of athletic performance. Increase the speed and precision of your sensorimotor system and you will experience improved athleticism.

GyroStim training follows the principles of progressive overload training for enhancing the functional performance of your sensorimotor system. It accomplishes this by presenting you with a series of training protocols that progressively challenge the speed and precision of your ability to perceive, process, and react to the repetitious dynamic sensory challenges produced by the automated multi-axis rotational chair.


As GyroStim challenges your sensorimotor system to perform at progressively higher levels, new performance gains will occur and will transfer to virtually every activity you engage in, but most importantly, to your athletic performance.​

PPRAsset 23_4x.png

Performance gains reported by athletes include improvements in:

  • Reaction time / reflexes

  • Balance / coordination

  • Proprioception

  • Decisiveness

  • Hand-eye coordination

  • Situational awareness

  • Dynamic visual acuity

  • Discernment

  • Mental acuity

  • Object tracking

  • Peripheral awareness

  • Concentration

  • Sleep / recovery

  • Mental focus

There is always room for improvement; imagine how challenging the core of athletic performance will improve your game.

 Join the growing list of elite, Olympic, and professional athletes who have experienced the power of GyroStim.

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