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Frequently Asked Questions About GyroStim

What is GyroStim?

  • GyroStim is a computer-controlled, interactive, multi-axis rotational chair.


What is GyroStim used for?

  • GyroStim is used to provide safe, controlled, and powerful challenge and exercise to the functional performance of your sensorimotor system. GyroStim is in use in the US and 8 other countries around the world in clinics, sports training centers, research labs, military facilities, and universities.


Is GyroStim FDA approved? 

  • GyroStim is FDA cleared for treatment of balance and vestibular disorders. Additionally, the FDA has designated the GyroStim as a Breakthrough Medical Device.


Will people with motion sensitivity become sick while using GyroStim?

  • NO - not when used in a data-driven methodical approach. GyroStim's incrementally advancing motion profiles have been shown to reduce and eliminate motion sickness.

Where can I find a GyroStim?

Who can use GyroStim?

  • GyroStim has been tested and approved for use by individuals up to 400 lbs, from all walks of life, and 18 years and older.


Which famous athletes have used GyroStim?

  • Professional, Olympic, and elite athletes representing dozens of sports from around the world have used GyroStim. Visit this link to view a list and hear what some of them have to say about GyroStim:

How slow or fast can GyroStim go?

  • GyroStim is remarkably versatile and capable of a wide range of intensities, making it ideal for a wide range of clinical and athletic performance applications. GyroStim can move as slowly as one revolution per minute, and, in one axis only, if desired. On the other end of the stimulation spectrum, GyroStim can rotate up to 30 revolutions per minute, and in multiple axes of rotation - simultaneously!

Is GyroStim customizable?

  • Yes. GyroStim software has a page that allows clinicians to develop, edit, save, and run an unlimited number of profiles of their own creation. The custom-made profiles can then be organized for quick and easy search and selection. This feature adds to the incredible versatility of GyroStim.

What are the laser pointers for?

  • The laser pointers and laser targets are an important part of the treatment process. They provide an engaging visuomotor activity that that stimulates, challenges, and can help improve the functional performance of your sensorimotor system. Spatial awareness, situational awareness, hand-eye coordination, reaction time, decisiveness, and many other aspects of human performance can benefit from this activity.  


How much does GyroStim treatment cost? Is treatment covered by insurance?

  • Each GyroStim location is independently owned and operated with distinct service offerings, pricing, and payment options.

  • Some locations do accept insurance.


  • We recommend that you explore the contact list for GyroStim locations via this link: This will allow you to explore your options and speak directly to clinic so you can make an informed decision.

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