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What is GyroStim?

  • GyroStim is a computer-controlled, interactive, multi-axis rotating chair. GyroStim systems are currently located in the US and 7 other countries around the world in clinics, sports training centers, research labs, military facilities, and universities.

What is it for?

  • GyroStim is used to provide safe, controlled, and powerful challenge and exercise to the vestibular, visuomotor, and sensorimotor systems.

Will people with motion sensitivity become sick?

  • When used in a data-driven methodical approach, GyroStim's incrementally advancing motion profiles won’t trigger motion sickness.  

How slow can it go?

  • The GyroStim can go as slowly as one revolution per minute, and, in one axis only if desired.

How fast can it go?

  • The GyroStim can rotate up to 30 revolutions per minute. This high level of intensity is typically used in athletic performance training.

What are the laser pointers for?

  • The laser pointers, and laser targets, are an integral part of the interactive component of the GyroStim and can be used in a wide variety of ways. They provide powerful training and a quantifiable measure for visuomotor capabilities, along with situational and spatial awareness training.

Do you have to hit targets in a certain order?

  • That depends on the strategy intended for the individual. In one strategy, you might be instructed to hit all targets in any order. In another strategy, you might be instructed to hit only blue or only red targets. In a more challenging strategy you might be instructed to memorize and hit in a sequence of blue, red, odd, even. The possibilities for individualized challenges are virtually endless.


How else can the GyroStim be used?

  • GyroStim can provide a broad spectrum of individualized and targeted challenges, for example, hitting targets with the non-dominant hand, selective inhibition strategies, working memory and long term memory challenges, math exercises, and many more. 

Who can use GyroStim?

  • People from all walks of life, all ages, and all abilities can use GyroStim.


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