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UltraThera Technologies, Inc.

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UltraThera Technologies, Inc. manufactures and markets the GyroStim. The company has its headquarters in Colorado Springs, CO, and has manufacturing located in Golden, CO. 

UltraThera was founded in 2006 by Kevin Maher to develop some of the therapeutic equipment he created to assist with his daughter’s rehabilitation needs. One of his inventions was created in 2002 to solve the difficulty his wife was having with the physical act of administering vestibular stimulation to their daughter. Maher solved this problem by creating a manually propelled multi-axis rotational chair for his 3 year old daughter; the GyroStim was born.

On April 27, 2022, the FDA authorized UltraThera to market the GyroStim as an FDA-cleared medical device for use in the treatment of balance disorders and vestibular dysfunction. This accomplishment is the culmination of tremendous dedication and effort at UltraThera, and marks the beginning of a new era for UltraThera. 

 On August 10th, 2021, the FDA completed an extensive review process and designated GyroStim as a Breakthrough Medical Device, stating that GyroStim has: “a reasonable expectation for providing more effective treatment relative to the current standard of care for balance disorders and vestibular dysfunction.” 


Today, there are over 50 systems in the U.S. and eight other countries. Most systems are available for public use at neuro-rehab and physical therapy clinics. Other installations are at universities, research labs, and military installations, including the Mayo Clinic AMVRL Lab, Life University, Parker University, the U.S. Air Force Academy's Human Performance Lab, the Smead Aerospace Engineering Sciences University of Colorado at Boulder, Brazilian Air Force, German Air Force.

GyroStim is protected by multiple patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

​To learn more or to schedule an interview with CEO Kevin Maher, please call 719-685-7883x101 or e-mail


Origin Story

Inspired by necessity, GyroStim’s original purpose for helping one little girl has evolved into helping countless people from all walks of life and from around the world.

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