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Return on Investment Calculator

No two clinics are alike or take the same approach to offering, administering, or charging for their services. The calculator and information below will help you to assess your clinic’s potential return on investment.


Enter hypothetical operation variables to calculate and assess the ROI based on various scenarios for your clinic.

What will your ROI be?

Use the calculator to the left to play with the three main variables and calculate your hypothetical ROI:

  • How long will your sessions be (30 mins is typical)?

  • How many sessions will you run per day?

  • How many days per week will you offer treatment?


Some clinics have reported insurance reimbursement up to $200 per half hour session.

Cash Pay  

Some clinics report charging from $100 to $300 per 30-minute session, while others include the charges in a full-service all-inclusive program.

Revewing Graphs


We have access to reputable lenders who have helped many clinic owners convert their vision of owning a GyroStim into reality.

ROI variables

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