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GyroStim is Designed & Engineered for Safety

Safety is a driving force behind everything we do from design and development to manufacturing and applications.

Millions of rotations

The strongest testimonial for GyroStim safety is that there have been ZERO injuries as a result of device malfunction after millions of rotations at locations around the world. 


Fail-safe design

The GyroStim is engineered with a fail-safe design throughout so that should a malfunction occur, the chair operation will default to a safe state. This design includes numerous hardware and software interlocks that prevent or stop motion of the GyroStim if they are interrupted.

Redundant stop controls

Stop buttons are located on the handholds, giving the patient ultimate control and confidence knowing they can initiate a controlled stop and bring the GyroStim to home position. 

Stop buttons on the operator screen allow the operator to initiate a controlled stop to bring the GyroStim to home position.


An emergency stop button located at the operator station removes all power immediately from the rotation drive motors, allowing the GyroStim to glide to a stop in a safe upright position.

G-force safety

To put things into perspective, at GyroStim's maximum intensity and speed, it produces far less G-force than typical theme park roller coasters that are ridden by hundreds of thousands of people every day.


Rigorous safety testing

In order to achieve FDA clearance, the GyroStim was required to undergo an extensive battery of electrical, mechanical, and safety regulatory testing.

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