​Innovative technology redefining existing paradigms, unlocking the untapped potential within us all.

GyroStim is a computer-controlled, fully automated, interactive, multi-axis rotational chair.

It provides powerful and precise data-driven exercises for challenging and reinforcing visuomotor and sensorimotor performance, and more.



GyroStim is used in a wide range of applications at health clinics, sports training centers, universities, professional sports teams, and military and aerospace
research laboratories in multiple countries around the world.


Versatility redefined.


GyroStim, with unmatched versatility, offers wide-ranging capabilities and applications

for people from all walks of life, from those with profound challenges to
Olympic and professional athletes at the top of their game,
and virtually everyone in between.

​Fast and Intense

GyroStim has the power and control to provide a wide range of high-intensity data-driven exercises for developing, reinforcing, and fine tuning many skills essential for superior athleticism, including hand-eye coordination, reaction time, balance, spatial awareness, mental acuity, proprioception, situational awareness, decisiveness, and more.

​GyroStim's unparalleled capabilities are helping world class athletes overcome setbacks from injuries, break through performance plateaus, and reach their ultimate potential by challenging the very core of their athleticism.



Slow and Gentle


GyroStim can be used to gently and safely exercise and challenge performance of the visoumotor and sensorimotor systems, and increase reaction time and tolerance to motion and spatial orientation.

GyroStim provides customizable, gentle, controlled whole-body single and multi-axis rotation combinations for a wide range of passive and interactive applications.



Powerful, Precise, and Dependable

GyroStim provides researchers with the versatility, repeatability, and dependability needed in a system to withstand the rigors of research projects involving
whole-body rotation.

GyroStim's breakthrough capabilities continue to be utilized in various IRB approved case studies and research projects exploring the effects and applications for vestibular stimulation in rehabilitation, athletic performance enhancement, military warfighter readiness, aerospace medical research, and
deep space travel exploration.



​Innovative technology pushing far beyond the limitations of
decades-old equipment, applications, strategies, and paradigms