Vestibular stimulation is commonly defined as the input that the human body receives when it experiences movement or gravity.

New studies continue to broaden our understanding of the magnitude and importance of vestibular stimulation and its contributions to processes throughout the brain and body, fueling a resurgence in the research and application of vestibular stimulation.

New Data, New Applications, New Potential.

Studies crossing multiple disciplines continue to supplement our knowledge and understanding of the vestibular system. Once believed to be associated only with balance, recent scientific studies reveal that the vestibular system and the effects of vestibular stimulation have a much greater impact on multiple systems throughout the human body than was previously understood.

As new research continues to uncover the widespread benefits of vestibular stimulation, and new applications with significant potential are being identified, the need for a device capable of providing powerful, controllable, repeatable, and standardized vestibular stimulation has never been greater.