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One device, multiple applications.

GyroStim has the versatility and capability for multiple clinical applications. People from all walks of life, from those with injury and illness, to Olympic and professional athletes at the top of their game, have benefited from GyroStim.


Treatment / Medical

  • The GyroStim is in use at clinics for administering vestibular and sensorimotor stimulation to assist in the treatment of balance disorders and vestibular dysfunction and their associated symptoms resulting from injury, disease, and advanced age.

  • Typically, GyroStim profiles with lower levels of intensity are administered to patients with rehabilitation needs.

  • GyroStim G3 is FDA-cleared for clinical use and is designated by the FDA as a Breakthrough Medical Device. 


Athletic Performance

  • GyroStim can help athletes reach their ultimate potential by providing intensive training programs designed to push the functional performance of their sensorimotor system.

  • GyroStim's entire range of profiles are used, from profiles that produce slow, rhythmic, and non-inverting motions, to high-intensity profiles that are fast, randomized, and inverting.

  • Additional strategies may be included to enhance multitasking capabilities. GyroStim challenges and pushes the functional performance of essential athletic abilities including, reaction time, balance, hand-eye coordination, decisiveness and discernment, spatial awareness, situational awareness, and mental endurance,  and more.



  • GyroStim is in use at universities and research institutions to explore clinical and human performance applications that are made possible with its technologically advanced capabilities.

  • GyroStim technology produces the power, precision, dependability, and versatility needed for performing a wide range of research projects.

  • GyroStim presents new opportunities for researchers to win competitive grant funding by proposing novel cutting-edge research projects that utilize GyroStim's unprecedented capabilities.

  • GyroStim is classified as a Non-Significant Risk Device and has been approved by multiple IRBs.

For information about research opportunities

with GyroStim,
please call us at 719-685-7883.

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