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GyroStim Testimonials

Numerous injuries and health issues manifest symptoms of balance disorders and vestibular dysfunction. The testimonials below are from actual patients who experienced positive outcomes with GyroStim for balance and vestibular dysfunction from a wide range of causes.

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“For our son, the GyroStim represents the opportunity of a lifetime. There isn’t anything out there like it.
The whole medical therapy system says “learn to live with it. GyroStim gave our son the opportunity to be independent.” 

• Greig & Leah E., Parents •

"The idea that our son will be independent someday became real to us after the first time he used the GyroStim.

• Greta & Alan H., Parents •

"I noticed that when sitting in the waiting room. The first few times there I had to wear earplugs because I couldn't bear the background music, but after a few treatments I noticed that the music and other noises didn’t bother me."

• Kitty, TBI survivor •


"Our daughter has ASD and stumbles a lot. On the second visit she was even better. Nicky skipped along and climbed straight into the GyroStim. She also uttered a few words! That progress continued, with Nicky stumbling less and saying more and more over the following weeks.”

• Parent •

"Last week Luke traveled for more balance therapy with GyroStim. Luke was spunky, for sure. As always, those lasers and functional therapies have just opened a window. He has been so aware of the world and attuned to his own needs. While it has worn us out physically and mentally, we are grateful for these new expressions of opinion (most of the time). On our way home I looked back and saw something I've never seen Luke do. As we were driving down the road with the windows down I spied his tiny little hands coming up to dance in the wind. He would giggle and kick his little feet while letting the wind blow through his fingers and catch his palm.  It was so...normal."

• Parent •

GyroStim Testimonials TBI

"GyroStim has enabled my Granddaughter to grow from a wee tube-fed bub with CP who could still only crawl at 4years - to a brainy little girl who can walk and talk and even attempts to run.

Each session she has - brings on an exciting new progression - injecting this delightful little girl with more & more determination. She knows "spinning" is her Godsend in life... & is always eager for her next "go.”

• Grandparent •

“Since the first day of treatment, I’ve seen an increase in flexibility in his legs… better balance and posture… more willingness to go down on his heels. And he enjoyed it. It was a very good experience for our family!”

• Parent of child with balance problems from CP •

GyroStim Testimonials Cerebral Palsy

"My sister started doing sessions 3 days a week and after the first week, she got much worse. She was bedridden for multiple days and found the sessions to be physically and mentally exhausting. Her 2nd week was again 3 sessions and it was here that she turned the corner and started to feel her symptoms lessen. She is now through her 3rd week and ecstatic at how much better she feels."

• Dave •

“It’s now been 3 months for me and I have been able to be in a grocery store for 30-45 minutes. I am riding my 2 wheel bike now up to 6 miles. “

• Cindy •

I started my second week of treatment today and I am symptom-free for the first time in 10 mo

• Kathy •

I released red balloons that represented all the symptoms I have had since 2006, nearly 12 years ago!. Nausea, Fatigue, Headaches, Dizzy, Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Tilting, Tipping, Vertigo, Swaying, Bouncing and Bobbing. All this because of my brain is very over sensitive to motion.


The silver star was released because in treatments I was to look at a star when the machine I was in stopped. If it [star] was moving then I went another round. 


After 20 treatments I was Solid as a Rock which the docs consider Remission. So on this Star I wrote “Solid as a Rock”. And on the other side I wrote that I was GyroStim patient #7 for MdDS.

• Melissa •

“My very first day of treatment, they lowered my symptoms to almost nothing. They weren’t quite gone, but I remember thinking, "There’s hope for this." By the end of the fourth day, the moving sensation was completely gone. The headaches and nausea persisted longer, but they eventually subsided, too. It’s amazing, I’ve gotten my life back.”

• MDDS Patient •

GyroStim Testimonials MDDS

“By the second day, I looked at my girlfriend, she was with me, I said to Annie (Villeneuve, a Quebec professional singer) ”I felt a trigger, I haven’t felt this way in 5  months, but I felt a trigger, I am less dizzy, my brain is back on, it’s ready, I felt it”. I went to bed at 10pm that night and I woke up at 8 the next day, went for my treatment, took a nap from 8:30 to 11, went for another treatment, took another nap from noon to 5, went for treatments again and then I went to sleep and slept through the night. The next day I felt perfect. J’ai sorti de la brume---I’m out of the fog !”

• Guillaume Lattendress, NHL •

“When I came out of it, the first few times I was feeling better already. It was really good.”

• Joey Hishon NHL •

"By the time of his treatment with the GyroStim, Alex had already seen 25 different specialists, undergone a multitude of diagnostic tests and evaluations and taken eighteen different medications. The GyroStim has given Alex more balance and relief of symptoms and hope for a cure than any treatment thus far."

Parent •

“Since the first day of treatment, I’ve noticed an increase in energy. My dizziness and nausea during grocery shopping is almost gone.  I was also having a lot of body pain, which is gone within the first week. My focus has increased and my body is more comfortable.”

• Anonymous •

“Before I started treatment I experienced many symptoms that were interrupting my daily life; symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, vision problems, headache, fatigue, and pain. Prior to treatment I required breaks at work and became disconnected from my family life. I was hopeful the GyroStim would help treat my symptoms but I was hesitant to expect change. In the beginning, I saw some changes right after the first treatment; as I continued my program the changes improved and became more consistent. Soon I did not need my prism glasses anymore and I was able to start engaging in my daily activities. Now, I feel great! I no longer require breaks at work and I have returned to being engaged in my family’s life. Before GyroStim I would describe my life as “challenging”, but now I feel “normal”. I have my life back!”

• Anonymous •

"...the doctor suggested that Paul do five sessions in a GyroStim chair. After three sessions,

Parent •

"There's [a solution] for this stuff, and it's not a drug. It's getting into the GyroStim."

• Daniel Carcillo, NHL retired •

“One of the great tools Oliver's neurologist offers to heal his dizzy spells from a concussion is the GyroStim.”

• Parent •

“I began noticing a significant change in the intensity and duration of my dizziness and other symptoms on the third morning of treatment. It was the first day in 8 months that I woke up without a headache! After five days I had experienced a 60% recovery from symptoms, where other treatments hadn't given me any relief.”

• Rachel Krieger Team Canada, Water Polo •

“My 17-year old daughter suffered two head injuries within a short period.  She saw numerous doctors and tried many different treatments---finding some relief but nothing close to returning to her life and personality before the injuries.

Her constant dizziness and headaches made it difficult to manage her many responsibilities and engage in life as a normal happy, healthy teen should be able to. It was difficult for her to make it through the day without retreating for a nap to shut out all sensory input for a period of time.  Homework became a long, arduous task given that she could not use the computer or read for long periods of time.

Following GyroStim training, my daughter began working out again with the high school swim team.  The school natatorium has hard surfaces that reflect noise and makes it loud but for the first time in four years it didn’t bother her.  She also participated in "drylands" practice in the school gymnasium two mornings each week beginning at 5:30am. Combine these long hours, loud noises, school days with four AP classes, copious amounts of homework, and working a job one day each week: she was faced with the ultimate headache test environment---and did great.

These days her dizziness and daily headaches are nearly non-existent."

Parent •

“GyroStim helped heal my dizzy and bruised melon."

• Mike Liambas, NHL •

"GyroStim made me concussion dizzy free in less than a week."  • Elite league hockey player •

“In our experience, the GyroStim offered immediate relief to our daughter’s headaches and dizziness. At the time of this writing, she continues a steady recovery from her third concussion. Even with a steady recovery, there are occasional setbacks or bad days.


The fact is that each GyroStim session alleviated her most problematic symptoms.  We’ve pursued other vestibular therapies that have not had the same impact. We recognize that concussion recovery is complicated and the time and nature of each recovery varies based on the individual.


When it comes to our daughter, we have seen great results with the GyroStim.”

• Parent of child with dizziness following sports concussion•

“After my accident, I suffered from dizziness, headaches, neck and back pain, drowsiness, and I was unable to think clearly. I was in constant pain and it created issues with just being comfortable and being productive."

​Two weeks after I started treatment on the GyroStim my dizziness was gone, I had less pain, and I began thinking and responding more clearly. I was more engaged with my daily activities and my family. I was less tired and more alert."

• Patient with dizziness following a motor vehicle accident •

GyroStim Testimonials Concussion

“We have tried numerous forms of both dietary and rehabilitative intervention to help, including occupational and physical therapy, speech therapy, Interactive Metronome therapy, medication, and nutritional supplementation.


Having engaged in virtually every conceivable form of rehabilitation to that point, we were very impressed with Damen’s rapid and obvious change [as a result of a brief trial with the GyroStim].  Because of this, we did a full week of treatments with the GyroStim.


The treatments have been a huge success! Our son is markedly better and a new person after just one week with the GyroStim. The changes we see in him are enormous.   His balance and posture is considerably better, and he came back at least an inch taller. He has the ability to visually track moving objects and maintain his focus for the first time. His reading skills are greatly improved. He has shown a sudden improvement in his handwriting, and is actually able to take legible notes in class for the first time.


He has developed a greater understanding of humor,  and is actually making jokes now. His capacity to focus on his homework has greatly improved, and he does not fatigue as before when performing school tasks. His working memory is clearly better, and he has a new ability to study independently and actually retain information. He is finally starting to engage in social communication with his peers without prompts from us. He seems emotionally lit up, and has a much better capacity to modulate his own behavior now. His vocal tics are significantly decreased, and his stereotypies are way down as well.


We are very excited about this new treatment because we have already tried virtually every form of intervention for our son. So far nothing has shown anything even close to the degree of improvement we saw from a week in the GyroStim. We can’t wait to get him back for another round of spins!”

• SZ & GZ, parents •

"Our OT suggested we try GyroStim to help with Troy's balance and sensory integration. This vestibular therapy has been life-changing for Troy. Each round brings a new miracle to our son.


He stumbles less, is talking more, picks up things to read, and is no longer needing certain medications! We can't wait to see what comes out of this series!! 

Troy completed his 4th round of therapy the first week of January. In the past, we have seen huge improvements with Troy and this round our expectations were high. Well, they did not disappoint.  

We are happy to say that after 7 years we were able to wean Troy off of his AD/HD medication. He has been off of the meds for 3 weeks and the improvements are staggering. Troy has been sleeping for 8+ hours a night, he has been having wonderful conversations with others, he is much happier, and he is much more, for lack of a better term, "with it."

• Parents •

GyroStim Testimonials Autism

“I have been doing remarkably better. My speech is crisper and quicker. Family and friends comment on the noticeable difference. I rarely experience vertigo and nausea anymore. I’m excited to be social again. Before I was literally shutting myself away from any kind of social event due to the anxiety.


I have been able to participate in conversations with people for longer periods of time and am maintaining eye contact. I no longer experience the unrelenting anxiety that once plagued me. I have more ambition to exercise again. I rarely experience the inhibiting side aches in my right diaphragm region when running. For the first time since my early 20’s I’m able to lift weights without any pain in my shoulders. I continue to see increased strength and it is much more symmetric.


Before, my right side (my dominant side) was significantly weaker than the left achieving only 60% of the repetitions as compared to my left. I’m typing faster and more accurately than ever and it’s becoming more consistent as time goes on. Brain fog is much less. I’m able to start thinking for myself. I am excited again to do things that once brought feelings of bliss. I’m sleeping!  In fact, I’m getting 6-8 hours of sleep a night now on a fairly regular basis, which is more than I have ever experienced.

• Matt, Chronic MSA patient •

GyroStim Testimonials

 "I constantly felt low energy, foggy brain, off-balance, and depressed. My doctor said it was depression so she placed me on antidepressants which helped but had other side effects.  My neighbor told me about GyroStim and thought it might help. After a few treatments, I was able to observe a significant improvement in my depressive state and I was able to decrease, in agreement with my doctor, the antidepressants.


Following other treatments, I was able to completely stop the antidepressants because I no longer needed them. I became energetic, the foggy brain and feelings of dizziness were gone. The depression was gone in my head. I felt good. "

• Anonymous •

“Laynee stumbles and struggles with balance so we tried the GyroStim. At home, she loves doing laundry!! Bless her!! Before Gyrostim, she would work really hard but rarely get the piles correct when sorting. We would have someone entertain her while I re-did the piles.


In the last week, she is getting so good at sorting it's unbelievable! She is even putting her brother's outfits together like I do! Laynee is so proud of herself!!

• Parent •

“Laura has come so far. GyroStim is amazing!
Her balance is much better and speech has exploded.”

• Parent •

GyroStim Testimonials Depression
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