GyroStim incorporates the latest advancements in hardware, software, and automation.
This convergence of state-of-the-art technologies delivers power, control, comfort, safety, precision, repeatability and a wide range of operational capabilities and features.​


​Imagine the possibilities of what you could do with a technologically advanced system loaded with built-in features that overcome limitations of traditional modalities, enabling you to push strategies far beyond current paradigms. Now imagine that same feature rich, affordable, easy to use system fitting comfortably in a typical 10' X 12' room.


st13 laser.jpg



YAW:  0-180°/s (30 RPM)


PITCH: 0-180°/s (30 RPM)



YAW: 0-180°/s2


PITCH: 0-180°/s2

The GyroStim is a computer-controlled, multi-axis rotational chair. It consists of:

  • a stationary base platform

  • a reinforced rotating chair and frame capable of multi-axis rotations 

  • state-of-the-art maintenance-free automation systems

  • a transparent safety perimeter surrounding the rotating chair assembly to protect the subject, operator, and bystanders 

  • a computer/operator station

  • (OPTIONAL) an arrangement of integrated laser detecting targets distributed around the rotating chair safety perimeter

  • (OPTIONAL) an automated integrated transfer system 

GyroStim automation components are fully enclosed and maintenance free. There are no chains to lubricate, cables to adjust, or electronic devices to calibrate. 

GyroStim can accommodate individuals up to to seven feet in height, and weighing up to 400 pounds.



FOOTPRINT: 8' diam. x 7'10"





220 VAC / 50/60 HZ

30 AMP


Product Features


  • Hardware and software fail-safe design throughout

  • Subject progress monitoring system

  • Over-stimulation prevention monitoring system 

  • Library of standardized profiles​

  • Library of user-create customized profiles

  • Quantitative and Qualitative data capture

  • Subject history reports

  • System utilization reports

  • Data-driven progression capabilities

  • Safe, easy loading and unloading​

  • Adjustable seat for accommodating subject size

  • Safety interlocked restraint system

  • Intuitive user interface

  • Maintenance-free automation systems

Laser Targeting Technology ​(OPTIONAL)

GyroStim's patented integrated laser targeting technology offers many new opportunities and possibilities in visuomotor and sensorimotor training. GyroStim software monitors and integrates all objective run data (laser target hits, target hits per minute, training level, run duration and more). It provides the operator with a quantifiable measure of subject response to the training, as well as adding an element of gamification to the experience. 

Automated Transfer System (OPTIONAL)

The automated and integrated transfer system (in photo at right) provides safe, dignified, and easy loading and unloading of individuals up to 400 lbs.

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Safety is a driving force behind everything we do,
from design and development, to manufacturing and applications.

Millions of spins

The strongest testimonial for GyroStim safety is that there have been ZERO injuries as a result of device malfunction after millions of rotations at locations around the world. 


Fail-safe design

The GyroStim is engineered with a “fail-safe” design throughout so that should a malfunction occur, the chair operation will default to a safe state. This design includes numerous hardware and software interlocks that prevent or stop motion of the GyroStim if they are interrupted.

Redundant stop controls

Stop buttons are located on the handholds, giving the subject ultimate control and confidence knowing they can initiate a controlled stop at any time to bring the GyroStim to home position. 


Stop buttons on the operator screen allow the operator to initiate a controlled stop to bring the GyroStim to home position.


An emergency stop button located at the operator station removes all power immediately from the rotation drive motors, allowing the GyroStim to glide to a stop in a safe upright position.

G-force safety

To put things into perspective, at GyroStim's maximum intensity and speed, it produces far less G-force than typical theme park roller coasters that are ridden by hundreds of thousands of people every day.