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What is GyroStim therapy like?

  • A GyroStim session typically lasts 30 minutes and is made up of one or more therapeutic stimulations, a.k.a. "runs." Each run is typically between 15 and 60 seconds long. There will be a rest period between each run, followed by a progress assessment.

  • Everyone begins GyroStim therapy with slow, predictable, non-inverting motion profiles. This allows subjects of all levels of abilities the opportunity to experience the sensations and activities involved with the therapy without feeling motion discomfort or sensory overload.

The video above illustrates incremental advancement of therapy intensity from Level 1, to Level 3, and to Level 5.

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  • Multiple laser detecting targets are located on the safety perimeter around the GyroStim. During the run, the patient may be tasked with using a hand-held laser pointer to hit as many targets as possible. Each target hit is communicated to the GyroStim software for processing and for displaying on the monitor. You may also be tasked to engage in cognitive challenges while attempting to hit targets.

  • The combined motions and targeting activity challenges the performance of the sensorimotor system that runs throughout the human body and brain, including visuomotor, visuospatial, and visuocognitive performance. The laser target detection system generates a score of the patient's number of target hits which provides a quantifiable measure of the subject's ability to respond to each level of motion intensity. It also adds a gamification aspect to the therapy, making the sessions fun while motivating patient effort.

  • At the end of the run, your subjective response, i.e. headache, dizziness, nausea, brain fog, and other possible symptomatic responses are recorded and assessed together with your objective response, i.e. target hits per minute. This information will be used by the GyroStim operator for assessing how well you are responding to the current level of intensity of therapy and for guidance on how best to proceed with the next run. 

  • GyroStim has a library of pre-written motion profiles that offers a broad spectrum of therapeutic variables and intensities. The library provides the operator with quick access to GyroStim's wide range of capabilities. When used with the GyroStim Run-to-Run strategy, providing individualized, optimized, and effective sessions has never been easier.

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