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GyroStim was originally created by a father to aid in his daughter physical therapy regimen as she faced the challenges of cerebral palsy.

UltraThera Technologies, Inc.

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UltraThera Technologies, Inc. has headquarters in Colorado Springs, CO, and manufacturing in Golden, CO. The company was founded by Kevin Maher with the intention of developing products to assist in therapeutic rehabilitation. Today, there are approximately 50 GyroStim systems in the U.S. and eight other countries, with installations at neuro-clinics, research labs, and universities, including the Mayo Clinic AMVRL Lab and the U.S. Airforce Academy's Human Performance Lab.

GyroStim is protected by multiple patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

To learn more about GyroStim, request a press kit, or schedule an interview with CEO Kevin Maher, please call 719-685-7883x101 or e-mail

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