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GyroStim with integrated patient transfer system

A true revolution in healthcare.

GyroStim provides treatment for balance disorders that is non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical, non-addictive, well tolerated, and effective. It has technological advantages that allow clinicians to administer therapeutic strategies that are simply not available without GyroStim. The device uniquely overcomes many inherent limitations of vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT).

​Preliminary clinical data shows up to 70% faster improvement

in balance scores when

GyroStim is used with VRT

than VRT alone.

GyroStim uses a comprehensive approach that allows data-driven incremental challenges to the human sensorimotor system through an innovative combination of precisely controlled motion and interactive sensorimotor exercises. GyroStim's wide range of applications provides clinicians with a powerful and versatile tool that integrates well, complementing existing treatment modalities.


GyroStim is commonly used as an adjunct therapy to existing rehabilitation strategies.  By improving the functional performance of the sensorimotor system, GyroStim acts as a catalyst - enhancing the effectiveness of VRT strategies.


GyroStim is not only a better way to challenge the vestibular system and sensorimotor system, it also makes possible new and improved rehabilitation strategies that are simply not possible by any other means.

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