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For Science

GyroStim technology and methods are deeply rooted in science and are creating paradigm shifts in therapeutic methodologies. 

Mechanism of Action

GyroStim’s mechanism of action for treating balance disorders is attributed to its targeted and incremental motion-induced stimulation of the sensorimotor system. 

How does GyroStim achieve this?


The driving force behind GyroStim's efficacy is whole-body multi-axis rotation, allowing the subject to experience or re-experience motion in a safe, controlled environment.

Whole-body multi-axis rotation is made possible by automation, which brings precision, control and repeatability into the therapeutic process.

Automation also allows for data-driven treatment strategies. Using qualitative and quantitative data for clinical decision support allows for the therapy to advance at an optimal pace, appropriate for the patient.

Treatment advances via a library of relative intensity motion protocols that serves as a framework for data-driven progression of individualized treatment programs.

Throughout the treatment, interactive multisensory stimulation is presented in a variety of cognitive and physical challenges such as hitting laser targets or doing math equations, or both, during rotation.

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