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How much does a GyroStim cost?
Return on Investment Calculator

No two clinics are alike or take the same approach to offering, administering, or charging for their services. The calculator and information below will help you to assess your clinic’s potential return on investment. 



What is your business model?


Now that GyroStim is FDA-cleared for clinical use, we will pursue GyroStim treatment specific codes as well as add-on device codes. Some clinics have reported being reimbursed up to $200 per session by insurance carriers using code S9476. Talk with your insurance carriers for more information.     

Cash Pay  

Some clinics report charging from $95 to $250 per session, while others include the charges in a full-service program.


What is your throughput?

  • How long will your sessions be (30 mins is typical)?

  • How many sessions will you run per day?

  • How many days per week will you offer treatment?

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