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For Researchers

GyroStim is in use at universities and research institutions to explore clinical and human performance applications that are made possible with its technologically advanced capabilities.

Explore new frontiers; create new horizons

  • GyroStim technology produces the power, precision, dependability, and versatility needed for performing a wide range of research projects.


  • GyroStim presents new opportunities for researchers to win competitive grant funding by proposing novel cutting-edge research projects that utilize GyroStim's unprecedented capabilities.

  • GyroStim is classified as a Non-Significant Risk Device and has been approved by multiple IRBs.

  • For information about research opportunities with GyroStim, please contact us.

Sampling of research and case studies conducted with GyroStim

Balance & Stability

Woman GyroStim




Multiple Systems Atrophy

CU Boulder GyroStim
CU Boulder GyroStim

Mal de Debarquement Syndrome / MdDS

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