Is GyroStim a Good Fit for Your Practice?

To help you answer that question, we've compiled a list of important factors to consider when assessing whether or not to add GyroStim to your practice.

Owning a GyroStim can be the catalyst for positive transformation...
  • RETURN ON INVESTMENT: Is there enough demand in your community to support a GyroStim?  How many of your clients will benefit from GyroStim?  Click here to use an ROI (Return On Investment) calculator to explore ROI scenarios based on numbers specific to your practice.
  • Do you have sufficient space for a GyroStim? A typical
    12' x 14' office room is adequate.

  • Would GyroStim help differentiate your practice from similar practices in your area?
  • Are you interested in entering new markets and adding new services?
  • Are you looking for ways to increase value of the services you currently offer?
  • How will your practice collect payment for GyroStim services? Does your practice accept insurance? Is it cash pay? Is it a combination of the two?
  • What challenges would your practice face with increased patient volume? Parking? Staff? Hours of operation, etc?
  • Are you interested in financing your GyroStim purchase? We work closely with several financing companies that offer a broad spectrum of plans. You can request contact information and current financing options by submitting the form below.
For your business, your clients, and your bottom line:


  • GyroStim makes a statement. It is state-of-the-art technology that differentiates your practice from others in your market. It helps gain respect and recognition from patients, peers --- and the competition --- positioning you as a leader in your field and community.

  • GyroStim builds volume through increased client satisfaction and retention, peer referrals, and word of mouth recommendations.

  • GyroStim is a catalyst for business expansion. A growing number of GyroStim owners have chosen to add a second GyroStim to their practice.

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