GyroStim & Your Practice

GyroStim has been the catalyst for remarkable
transformation at clinics around the world,
BUT, is it a good fit for you and your practice?
To help you answer that question, below is a list of important factors to consider.
  • Have you considered the demand in your community for this technology and its potential to generate revenues at your practice?
    Click here to use a GyroStim revenue calculator to explore revenue and utilization scenarios specific to your practice.
  • Do you have sufficient space for a GyroStim? A typical 12' x 14' office room is adequate.  Click here to view more installation requirements.
  • Will adding a GyroStim to your practice complement existing services, or will it be an expansion of the services you offer and the clients you serve?
  • What logistical challenges will your practice face with increased patient volume? Adequate staff? Adequate parking? Additional hours or days of operation, etc?
  • How will your practice collect payment for GyroStim services? Does your practice accept insurance, is it cash pay, or is it a combination of the two?
  • If financing, will you qualify for a loan? We work closely with several financing companies that offer a broad spectrum of plans. You can request contact information and current financing plans by selecting one of the options below.
  • Do you have additional questions about adding a GyroStim to your practice? Contact us and let us help you find answers.

“GyroStim has significantly increased the number of patients to our facility.”

Dr. Ron VanderKuil

Neuro Technology Center
The Netherlands • Owner Since 1/2013

“This therapy is an incredible addition to the many therapies we already use.”

— Dr. Alecia Brown
Better Brain & Body
Charlotte, NC • Owner since 1/2019

“Now that I have one, I can't imagine ever not having a GyroStim in my practice.”

— Dr. Joe Schnieder
Hope Brain & Body Recovery Center
Chadds Ford, PA • Owner since 7/2020

"This device is impressive even when not in operation so patients see that you’re committed to their health by your investment in the machine. We are looked at by peers as leaders in brain rehab.”

— Dr. James Duffy
Innova Brain Rehabilitation
Marietta, GA • Owner since 8/16

“Installing the GyroStim has changed my practice for the better.”

— Dr. Stephanos Kassabalis
Innerwest Functional Chiropractic
Sydney, Australia • Owner since 8/2014

“I have seen a great number of professional athletes respond to the proprioceptive stimulation and accelerated reaction time that has proven success on the field, ice rink, and in the ring.”

— Dr. Jeff McWhorter

McWhorter CNC
Denver, CO • Owner since 10/2019

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