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So Much More Than A Chair That Spins

People often describe GyroStim as a spinning chair---they’re not wrong---but spinning is just the beginning of how GyroStim is used. Spinning in multiple axes and at multiple speeds…is coupled with physical and cognitive strategies to customize and intensify the challenge and overall experience. When you then consider the interactive stimulation, it's clear how the ability to create individualized treatment plans to address a wide spectrum of vestibular and balance issues is immense.

Clinicians draw from four basic categories to design treatment:

Target Strategies

The GyroStim is surrounded by laser-detecting targets. These targets support strategies for reinforcing visuomotor, spatial awareness, and discernment. By placing the targets at different heights and distances, the challenge can be made more difficult. By adding colors, numbers or shapes to each target, selective discernment can come into play.

Laser Pointer Strategies

The laser pointer is a tool used in multiple ways during GyroStim treatment. A patient might be tasked to hold the pointer in their non-dominant hand; hold a pointer in each hand; alternate hands, respond to right/left commands; or even use a head-mounted pointer.

Cognitive Strategies

Cognitive strategies improve multi-tasking and brain processing abilities. These include counting in different intervals, solving equation, familiar list recitation, and long-term memory challenges.

Physical / Situational Strategies

Some patients wear an eyepatch on their dominant eye while using GyroStim, others may not use the laser pointer but instead, sit passively with head fixed, staring at a point. Some athletes wear their helmets and/or listen to loud stadium noise while in a session. (See video below featuring Formula 1 driver Elvis Rankin). Others, like MMA fighters incorporate their punch sequences.

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