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Does NASA have a GyroStim?


Contrary to what you may have seen on line, NASA does NOT own a GyroStim to train astronauts or to spin kids at SpaceCamp. NASA is likely as confounded as we are every time they hear this news. (But if you are out there, NASA, this could be worth a conversation!)

That said, several other high-profile military and academic institutions do use GyroStim. Mayo Clinic Aerospace Medicine Department and the University of Colorado/Boulder Aerospace Engineering Sciences' Bioastronautics Department use GyroStim to study vestibular challenges in flight and in micro-gravity. The United States Air Force Academy implements GyroStim in its human performance lab for pilot training:

The Mayo Clinic AeroSpace Medicine and Vestibular Research Lab, AMVRL

Location: Scottsdale, AZ

Installed: 2009


Studying the effects of human exposure to high and extreme altitudes, G-force blackout, acceleration, spatial disorientation, and risk mitigation for space flight and spatial disorientation.

University of Colorado/Boulder Aerospace Engineering Sciences Program

Location: Boulder, CO

Installed: 2018


The study and support of life in space: Artificial Gravity as a Countermeasure to Spaceflight Physiological Deconditioning

United States Air Force Academy Human Performance Labs

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

GyroStim: 2008


Training for athletic performance and use of vision training to aid cadets in recovery from concussions

GyroStim has also been installed at Life University (Atlanta), The German Air Force (Fürstenfeldbruck), and the Brazillian Air Force (Rio de Janeiro).

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