• Gail Richards

Athletes: Get Back in the Game and Stay On Top

GyroStim was invented for clinic use, however, in the course of its development, many athletes discovered that when addressing vestibular and balance issues, their overall sports performance improved as well. As a result, many athletes transitioned from healthcare to training and soon the word spread.

The benefits of athletic training with GyroStim are many. Athletes report gains in:

• Reaction time/reflexes

• Decisiveness

• Hand-eye coordination

• Situational awareness

• Spatial awareness

• Balance and coordination

• Proprioception

• Concussion recovery

• Dynamic visual acuity

• Discernment

• Mental acuity

• Object tracking

• Peripheral awareness

• Sleep / recovery

• Concentration under stress/ fatigue

Visit our GyroStim Athletes page to see who has used GyroStim and what professional, Olympic and elite athletes are saying about the experience.

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