The Business Benefits of Owning a GyroStim

Consider the numerous benefits of adding a GyroStim to your practice or facility.


  GyroStim Revenue Calculator

The GyroStim Revenue Calculator will help you estimate the revenues a GyroStim can generate for your practice. Even when operating at half-capacity, charging a minimal fee per session, GyroStim revenues can easily cover and exceed the cost of purchase in less than one year.

Use the calculator below to estimate potential revenue based on your specific business model.

  • A typical GyroStim session is 30 minutes.
  • Most clinics typically charge a fee between $100 and $200 per session. Some charge more, some less, all depending on their business model.

Return on Investment:

  • GyroStim quickly pays for itself and begins contributing significantly to your bottom line.
  • Many clinicians report that their GyroStim is booked solid, all day, for several weeks in advance.

  • Currently, the majority of businesses with GyroStim are cash pay.
  • A growing number of clinics are contracting with insurance providers.
  • Some individuals may have multiple sessions per day.
Cost of Ownership:

  • GyroStim is built with state-of-the-art automation technology requiring no mechanical or electrical adjustments or maintenance. With typical mean time between failures in the thousands of hours and typical Uptimes well above 99.99%, GyroStim’s cost of ownership is next to zero.

For everyone:

  • Differentiate yourself with breakthrough technology and capabilities that far exceed the status quo, and the competition.

For clinicians and therapists:

  • A high-tech means to deliver precise, controlled, and reproducible vestibular and sensorimotor exercises to patients of all ages, sizes, and abilities.
  • Prewritten motion profiles provide precisely controlled standardized levels of stimulation, delivering exactly what the clinician desires with every run.
  • Faster progress and recovery times; greater customer satisfaction.
  • Quantitative and qualitative data monitoring helps prevent overstimulation.
  • Unique opportunity to increase your financial bottom line.

For athletic trainers:

  • Offer individual clients and entire teams the most advanced brain-based athletic performance enhancing program available.
  • Significantly improve hand-eye coordination, reflex and reaction time, discernment, situational and spatial awareness, decisiveness, balance, coordination, sleep and recovery, object tracking and peripheral awareness.
  • Expedite return to play following concussion.
  • Maintain cognitive performance while injured athletes wait to return to practice.

For researchers:

  • Precise, powerful, and dependable; the ideal tool for vestibular and human performance research
  • Quantitative and qualitative data monitoring and collection.
  • Non-significant risk device; reduced IRB burden
  • New research possibilities; improve competitive position for grant funding.

An important decision

We realize that adding a GyroStim to your practice is an important decision with many clinical, business, financial, and logistical aspects to consider. You may have questions specific to your practice including target markets, return on investment, pricing/financing, lead time, system options, installation requirements, and training. We look forward to answering these questions for you.

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