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How does GyroStim work?

Humans interact with the world through complex processes that occur within their sensorimotor system. This system is comprised of a network of sensory input and motor output neural pathways runs throughout your body and is interconnected with your brain.


GyroStim is designed to move your entire body in preprogrammed motions through space. This provides therapeutic stimulation and challenge to the functional performance of the sensorimotor system.


The Venn diagram above illustrates how human performance is a direct result of the ability to perceive, process, and react.

The motions generate simultaneous stimulation of multiple peripheral sensory systems throughout your body. The sensed information is transmitted to the brain where it is perceived, processed, and reacted to:


  • Perceive: sensory input from the eyes (vision), ears (hearing), vestibular system (perception of gravity, motion, and spatial orientation), proprioception (skin, muscles, joints - touch) and other parts of the sensory nervous system are transmitted simultaneously to the brain

  • Process: the perceived sensory information is received and processed throughout the brain

  • React: motor commands are fired from the brain to the body in response to the perceived and processed sensory information

GyroStim’s library of prewritten profiles offers 30 levels of stimulation intensities. A clinician can use the library to provide a patient with a strategic series of “runs”. The series will typically begin with a very low amount of stimulation, allowing opportunity for the individual to process and become accustomed to the motion.


The intensity of subsequent runs can be increased incrementally as the patient becomes accustomed to each level of stimulation. This method of incremental advancement challenges and rehabilitates the performance of the sensorimotor system.

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