Who uses GyroStim?



People from all walks of life benefit from GyroStim. Regardless of what your individual situation is, or what your goals and motivations are, GyroStim will engage and challenge your brain and body with exercises so you can perform, both physically and cognitively at the best of your abilities:

  • For those with mild concussion to those with severe traumatic brain injury and other neurological conditions, GyroStim provides a controlled means to incrementally challenge and safely recondition balance and reaction skills incrementally.

  • For the growing population of senior citizens who will experience age-related balance issues, GyroStim offers a simple and effective way to bolster and recondition balance and reaction time skills, which may lower the risk of falls and injury. A growing number of seniors also use GyroStim to regain or maintain vitality and mental acuity.   

  • For individuals whose congenital disorders have interfered with the normal developmental milestones of crawling, creeping, cruising, and walking, GyroStim offers unprecedented opportunity to experience powerful sensory stimulation and challenge to underdeveloped or dysfunctional sensorimotor systems in ways many individuals simply cannot achieve on their own.

  • For athletes wanting to stay at the top of their game, GyroStim provides the ultimate “brain-based” training environment for sharpening physical and cognitive response time, honing hand-eye coordination skills, synchronizing and enhancing sensorimotor systems, which all translates to improved performance on the playing field.

The 2011 breakthrough

GyroStim was first recognized as a breakthrough technology in 2011 when it was instrumental in putting NHL superstar Sid Crosby back on the ice after a potential career-ending concussion. But GyroStim didn't stop there...

Five years, millions of rotations with thousands of individuals later, in eight countries around the world, GyroStim's patented technology and methodology have evolved and expanded to include a broad spectrum of applications. From balance rehabilitation and training to cutting edge elite and professional sports performance enhancement training, and a wide variety of health, wellness, and research applications in between, GyroStim is creating positive impact.

The GyroStim / Sidney Crosby story was originally released by Maclean's news magazine, November 2011 and subsequently covered by Discovery Channel, The Doctors, ABC Nightline, Hockey Tonight, and other media outlets.

Where is GyroStim today?
GyroStim's breakthrough technology and methodology are now at the forefront of new and improved strategies for therapy, rehabilitation, and human performance in a number of elite sports training centers, medical / neurological clinics, universities, and military research facilities. Contact us for current information on locations that are open to the public.