GyroStim is a universal gym --- for your brain.

Integrated with an interactive laser targeting system, GyroStim uniquely combines balance, vision, proprioception and other sensory stimulation with cognitive and physical exercises. It immerses you in a 3-dimensional, interactive brain training environment that stimulates, exercises, and challenges your ability to perceive, process, and react with the world.  

The video above shows a low-intensity (2 RPM) non-inverting motion profile and some of the physical and cognitive (sensorimotor) activities that are typically used at the beginning of a GyroStim training program. To learn more about what it's like to use the GyroStim, click here.

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What is GyroStim?

GyroStim is a computer controlled multi-axis rotating chair. This highly versatile 3-dimensional interactive balance training system provides motion and activities to exercise and challenge the cognitive, physical, and sensorimotor systems comprising the complex chain of interdependent elements within the human balance system.  

GyroStim's innovative patented technology and methodology far surpass the limitations of previous tools and strategies for addressing balance related issues.

GyroStim is creating a new paradigm for clinicians, medical researchers, and elite athletic trainers who are helping people from all walks of life in their pursuit of better balance and optimal human performance.

GyroStim is a breakthrough device with multiple applications:

  •  At lower levels of training, GyroStim is used by those with balance-related issues as a result of concussion, traumatic brain injury, PTSD, autism, aging, and other conditions.

  •  At higher levels of intensity, GyroStim is used by active individuals, athletes, and others with fast-paced, demanding, high-stress lifestyles to maintain and enhance peak performance.

  • To learn more about GyroStim applications, click here.

What is good balance?

Good balance is the result of the synergistic relationship between the sensorimotor systems throughout our body. This complex and coordinated effort between sensory input systems, the brain, and motor output systems allow us to perceive, process, and react with the world around us. 

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When we have good balance, we are able to perform a wide variety of tasks automatically and without thought. Engaging in physical activities feels effortless and simple. In fact, the underlying interactions that occur between the brain and body are anything but simple. Our balance system is amazingly complex and relies upon a chain of interconnected sensory and motor interactions, all processed with incredible speed, coordination, and efficiency between the body and brain.

However, when any link in the chain is broken or becomes weak due to injury, illness, aging, or other conditions, symptoms such as dizziness, spatial disorientation, brain fog, loss of balance, slower reaction time, and other related issues may result. Activities such as work, school, or sports may seem overwhelming and very difficult to engage in. These symptoms can become so debilitating and intolerable that many people simply withdraw from everyday activities---and life. So, then what? 

This is where GyroStim comes in.

GyroStim’s computer controlled, interactive balance training programs provide EXERCISES and ACTIVITIES to stimulate, recalibrate, and challenge the vital combination of links in the chain of balance. GyroStim is changing the landscape of rehabilitation and human performance by providing a powerful alternative to existing strategies, and raising the expectations for what is possible.