Videos of GyroStim in Action

GyroStim can combine a variety of parameters for a limitless array of motion profiles.  The videos below show just a handful of profiles from therapeutic exercises to extreme sports performance training. Click the "PLAY" arrows to view.

Incremental Advancement

GyroStim training typically begins at a low level of intensity that provides slow, rhythmic, and non-inverting motions. It is easy to do, non-intimidating, and provides opportunity to quickly become familiar and comfortable with the sensations, challenges, and training activities.

As your tolerance for motion and your ability to perceive, process, and react continues to improve, you’ll be presented with slightly higher level of intensity on the next run, further challenging and improving your abilities.

This method of “incremental advancement” creates an individualized training experience for each person, improving and fine-tuning sensorimotor skills and cognitive function as you advance through the training program.

For many people, the low levels of intensity are where the “breakthrough” and the biggest gains occur. A progression of Levels 1, 3, and 5 are shown above. Notice that these lower level profiles are rhythmic, repetitious, and non-inverting.

GoPro Video from Inside the GyroStim

This GoPro video provides an interesting perspective from inside the GyroStim during a Level 12 profile. This profile is designed to provide higher levels of stimulation and challenge than the non-inverting profiles. It incorporates randomized motions that go through complete inversions and rotate continuously through 360 degrees in both pitch and yaw axes.

Watch how GyroStim training challenges physical and cognitive abilities as the person in the chair strives to hit as many laser targets as he can during this 30-second run. This activity provides “repetitious opportunity” to exercise, challenge, and push the abilities of the brain and sensorimotor systems to perceive (see a target), process (decide to go after a target), and react (move to hit the target). Additional cognitive tasks can be added during the exercise to further challenge brain function.

Athletes in Training (Click the "PLAY" arrows to view).

GyroStim LEVEL 16:

US Olympic Figure Skating medalist working on his balance, reaction time, and spatial awareness skills.


GyroStim LEVEL 20:

Elite college hockey athlete loosening up and getting into the right frame of mind before a practice; firing-up his sensorimotor systems, improving mental acuity and reaction time, and sharpening hand-eye coordination skills.


GyroStim LEVEL 30:

This athlete is pushing his threshold to perceive, process, and react above and his previous abilities with one of GyroStim’s extreme training profiles.