The excerpts below are from athletes who have experienced GyroStim as part of their training program.

GyroStim sports performance testimonials


"There's [a solution] for this stuff, and it's not a drug. It's getting into the GyroStim. It's doing the stuff you may not understand. I'm telling you from experience it works. It worked for me who has had a handful of documented concussions."

--Daniel Carcillo, NHL Chicago


"During GyroStim training my brain worked at levels I had never touched before; I noticed gains after my first session. Before GyroStim, I felt like I played hockey with my eyes half open, now they are completely open and alert.  I have more awareness of where I am on the ice, of my teammates, and of the play. I take in much more while I am moving. I am finding I can process and then plan for the play before it happens.”

---Kevin P. / Colorado Rampage Hockey Alumni / Niagara Univ


John-Michael Liles NHL Boston Bruins player makes "Bear Tracks" during GyroStim training at Denver Sports Recovery.


"In the words of my trainer: I see more things. And I'm more able to move and pick shots off with my gloves and stay relaxed. My defense is on point. I felt really good today! Thank you for everything!"

---Sammy Vargas (right) / Canadian Welterweight Boxing Champion with GyroStim inventor, Kevin Maher following a training session


"I was asked to strap into this “Spies Like Us” contraption pod looking thing that flips you around and upside down called the GyroStim.  The point of this thing is to improve your reaction time, which is fantastic for those who have had concussions due to over confident attempts on tricks. It takes you into a dynamic brain training ground that presents repetitious cognitive and physical challenges that will help improve your brain's reaction and processing times.  The GyroStim was designed to provide powerful vestibular therapy for those seeking to recover from concussion, traumatic brain injury and other neurological conditions.  Plus it’s fun and there are lasers! LASERS! Think laser tag targets in a space pod. As my reaction time got quicker while I was being spun around I realized that my air awareness could be improved by spending some time using this machine. Now I see why some local snowboarders including Dylan Alito swear by this place (Denver Sports Recovery's NeuraPerformance)."

--Autumn Binion, excerpt from article in Snowboard Colorado Magazine
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"...the doctor suggested that Paul do five sessions in a GyroStim chair. After three sessions, Paul was symptom free."

--EN / Parent, as quoted by the Canadian Baseball Network.


 "The fact that this machine creates a workout 4 your brain blows my mind! Thanks GyroStim 4 the incredible workouts!”

---Jason Brown 2015 US Men's Figure Skating Champion, 2014 Sochi Olympic Medalist


"I’ve seen my reflexes increase. My self-awareness is sharper, not just in my sport but everywhere. When a guy is coming at me, I can see more. I am able to read him faster and make my defense move faster than I normally would. I’m landing way more shots. My knuckles are turning and landing square; everything is landing really nice. GyroStim is a game changer. I am three steps ahead of all my opponents.  My confidence is huge."  

---Miguel Teo / USA Boxing Light Heavyweight bracket, Pathways to Glory, Olympic Qualifier Colorado Spgs, June 2015



"Neuro trial & performance evaluation @Densportsrecov w/ @GyroStim
Feelin' like a fighter pilot! #inversionsarethebest."

---Jillion Potter,
USA Women's Rugby
at Denver Sports Recovery for training


Excerpt from testimonial following one session in the GyroStim:

"As I left [GyroStim] to drive the hour back home, I noticed a significant brain buzz. Driving through the plains between the two major metros, I seemed to know where every object was around me- better peripheral vision, awesome spatial awareness, and great focus.

The next four days I skied a bit while working up on the mountain. Three big things I noticed: I had enhanced awareness of the terrain under my skis, easily adapting to changes in terrain that might otherwise throw me off balance. My vision felt extraordinary. And I even had a chance to run SL gates for the first time in almost a year. I felt awesome.

However, the biggest difference I saw in my performance was trail running with my roommate, Peter, a couple days after the training. We ran a trail in a local park up a pretty steep mountainside. Being February in the Rocky Mtns, the trail has some snow, ice, and, of course, many rocks and roots. Running up was no different, as we were chugging along at our usual pace, looking where we stepped.

On the way down, though, I felt like the Flash. I was flying downhill, running faster than I ever had, on some of the most precarious terrain imaginable. My feet were landing softly, exactly where they needed to, on rocks, dirt, and even sliding across patches of ice and snow. My balance and reaction time were incredible. I made it to the bottom realizing Peter was way back in my dust."

---Eric H. / Elite athlete, professional strength coach,
athletic trainer and ski racing coach / Loveland, Colorado