What is GyroStim training like?

GyroStim's patented interactive laser targeting technology provides breakthrough comprehensive sensorimotor training with breakthrough results.

Balance training
and rehabilitation

Athletic performance training

A universal gym for your brain.
Essentially, GyroStim is like a universal gym for your brain, but, instead of using weights and resistance to exercise your body, it uses motion, gravity, and interactive challenges to stimulate and exercise your brain and sensorimotor systems. 

Build on success.
GyroStim training applies the tried and true “build-on-success” method. Typically, the training begins with a low level profile that has slow, rhythmic, and non-inverting motions. It is easy to do, non-intimidating, and gives  you the opportunity to quickly become familiar and comfortable with the sensations and training activities. 

Advance at your own pace.
When you successfully complete your first level of training, you will advance on to an increased level of challenge, and then on to the next level, and the next level, building on the gains you have made.

Built in monitoring.
GyroStim’s latest software collects and monitors your individual objective and subject progression data which provides critical guidance to the GyroStim operator. This information helps keep the training intensity optimized and just where it needs to be as your abilities quickly adapt and improve. This method of monitored incremental advancement keeps the gains coming at a pace appropriate for you.

GyroStim training is customized to meet the specific needs of each individual.
An individual recovering from injury or illness will typically advance at a slower pace than an individual training to enhance their athletic performance. In either case, soon you will be fully immersed in 3-dimensional interactive multi-sensory stimulating exercises that will help optimize how well your body and brain work together.

The top video at right shows an individual in the beginning stages of her GyroStim program. She begins with gentle and predictable motion profiles that increase very gradually in intensity from one training level to the next.

  • These low level motion profiles provide excellent repetitious opportunity and incremental challenge as you begin the process of stimulating and challenging physical and cognitive function.

Concerned about motion sickness? Not a problem. A reduction of motion sickness is actually one of the “side effects” that occurs with GyroStim training.

The bottom video at right shows collegiate, Olympic, and professional athletes in the GyroStim training at several different intensity levels as part of their athletic performance enhancement training regimen at an elite sports training facility. Click here for details about athletic performance training with GyroStim.

  • Athletic training typically starts with a warm up run at a low level of intensity, then moves up through much higher levels of challenge. Beyond improving balance and sensorimotor skills, GyroStim pushes the athletes’ ability to perceive, process, and react to challenges within their sport; fine tuning and improving spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, accuracy, and reaction time skills.

To view more videos, click here.

Your GyroStim session

Each training session is customized for your specific needs and involves multiple "runs", each separated by a short rest period. Runs are typically thirty to sixty seconds each but can be shorter or longer as needed.

During each run, you will train using a specific motion profile. Profiles are identified in terms of level of intensity. For example: a Level 3 profile consists of a gentle, predictable and repeating pattern of rocking (pitch) and rotating (yaw) motions. Level 4 is similar but with slightly greater pitch and yaw motion than Level 3. Higher levels (up to level 30) increase in intensity, and when you are ready, will include continuous 360 degree rotations and motions that are randomized and not predictable, adding to the training challenge.

The intensity of each run, number of runs per session, and total number of sessions are driven by your individual ability and the specific objectives for your GyroStim training program. For example: a person using GyroStim as they recover from injury or illness, will generally progress more slowly and train with different profiles than an athlete training to improve sports performance.

As your ability to perceive, process, and react to the training exercises improves, you may be tasked with specific cognitive exercises during the runs to further increase the challenge and complexity of the training session.

GyroStim has a library of pre-written motion profiles that cover a broad spectrum of intensity and duration. These profiles are used to create a customized experience that targets the specific needs and abilities of each individual.

After training with the GyroStim, most people report a higher tolerance for activities that may have caused them motion sickness in the past. Even those people who have said "...just looking at it makes me dizzy; I could never do that..." have been surprised at how comfortable and tolerable the training is, and how well the incremental approach worked at reducing their sensitivity and aversion to motion.

From beginning to end you can anticipate a comfortable, stimulating, and productive experience with the GyroStim.