System overview

The GyroStim is a computer-controlled multi-axis rotating chair that has the ability to rotate in pitch (forward/backward) and yaw (left/right) through 360 degrees continuously at rotation rates that can be controlled between 1 revolution per minute (RPM) and 30 RPM.

It consists of a base platform and a rotating chair assembly situated inside a clear Lexan safety perimeter. It is controlled via a user interface computer placed at an operator station outside the interlocked safety perimeter. Laser detecting targets are mounted around the rotating chair at varying positions on the inside of the safety perimeter, and may be repositioned as needed.

A system of hardware and software interlocks and other fail-safe design strategies are used to provide maximum safety of the subject and operator during rotation.

For information on safety and safety testing, click here.

Each GyroStim system comes complete with everything needed for basic operation: chair assembly, user interface computer, proprietary operating software and training profiles, laser detecting target system, interconnect cables, safety perimeter enclosure, torso harness and leg restraints. Options such as control stick, patient transfer system, pediatric booster seat, spare seat cushions, and harnesses are also available. 

GyroStim features

Each GyroStim training session involves running one or more motion profiles. A motion profile consists of a series of parameters that control every aspect of GyroStim motion including: acceleration, deceleration, speed, direction, and duration.  

GyroStim profiles
GyroStim software now comes complete with an extensive library of prewritten rotation profiles. These profiles were developed to offer a full range of rotation combinations and intensities, and to assist the GyroStim operator in providing sessions that are methodical and efficient.

Custom profiles
GyroStim software allows the user to create custom profiles. Step by step parameters make it easy to create, edit, save, and modify profiles as needed.

Laser targeting technology
Our patented LazerStim™ technology adds a new dimension to GyroStim training resulting in a unique and innovative interactive physical and cognitive training experience that stimulates and challenges not only the vestibular system, but also the ability to perceive, process, and react to the surrounding environment.

Intuitive user interface
Tab-based screen layout allows quick navigation while operating the GyroStim system: 

  • Subject Information:  Create and manage subject information, document and review information about the subject, goals, and history of use with the GyroStim.
  • Run GyroStim:  Load and run GyroStim pre-written profiles.
  • Reports:  Compile, save and print informative reports and graphs based on range of dates and selection of captured data.
  •  Edit / Create Profile:  Create, edit, save, or delete, profiles, this page allows the operator or practitioner to design, build and manage a library of custom motion profiles.

Transfer System (optional)
An automated patient transfer system is available for safe, dignified, and easy loading and unloading of non-ambulatory subjects. Safety interlocks are integrated with the GyroStim system, allowing subjects to be safely transferred in and out of the chair.

Subjective AND Objective Data Tracking
Subjective: GyroStim software tracks baseline subjective data (pre-run symptoms) including headache, nausea, dizziness and brain fog, and compares it to post run symptoms.
Objective: GyroStim software tracks all objective run data (targets hits, hits per minute, training level, run duration).

The combination of Subjective and Objective data tracking provides the operator with information for avoiding over-stimulation while pushing for maximum training effectiveness, and, provides the operator with a clear picture of progress.

Historical System Reporting
From a billing and business planning perspective you can now compile, save and print system utilization reports that provide a large amount detail on how your system has been used over a specific period of time.

Subject History Reporting
Compile save and print detailed reports on individual subjects.