The GyroStim Experience

  • The top video at right shows an individual in the beginning stages of her GyroStim program. She begins with gentle and predictable motion profiles that increase very gradually in intensity from one training level to the next.

These low-level motion profiles provide excellent repetitious opportunity and incremental challenge as a subject begins the process of stimulating and challenging physical and cognitive function.

  • The bottom video at right shows collegiate, Olympic, and professional athletes in the GyroStim training at several different intensity levels as part of their athletic performance enhancement training regimen at an elite sports training facility.

Athletic training typically starts with a slow “warm-up” profile followed by much higher intensity profiles that challenge hand-eye coordination, reaction time, balance, mental acuity, spatial awareness and situational awareness---all at the same time, translating to improved athletic performance.

GyroStim training is individualized.
GyroStim’s data-driven approach means that whether someone is recovering from injury or illness, or training to enhance athletic performance, every run of every session can be appropriately matched to each individual's abilities and purpose for using the GyroStim.

Balance training and rehabilitation

Athletic performance training: from warm-up to work-out

Build on success.

GyroStim training is typically based on incremental challenge. As each level of training is successfully completed, the subject can advance on to increased levels of challenge, building on the gains made with each successive run.

GyroStim’s latest software constantly collects and monitors quantitative and qualitative data which the GyroStim operator can use to assist in determining when to advance on to the next level of training.

This method of data-driven advancement helps assure that the intensity of each training session remains optimized and that each training program advances at a pace appropriate for the subject.