GyroStim Advantages

Multi-axis Rotation
GyroStim holds a patent for its innovative “pitch axis inside yaw axis” design.

This specific arrangement and combination of axes of rotation provides powerful and complex vestibular stimulation. It efficiently and effectively delivers a broad spectrum of angular velocities and angular accelerations to stimulate and challenge the vestibular system.

Post-concussion therapy with GyroStim

Conventional Vestibular Therapy Equipment and Methods
Compared to GyroStim

Vestibular stimulation as a therapy is not new. It has been recognized for over a century as a strategy to address balance disorders and related issues.

Over the years, vestibular stimulation has been delivered with spinning chairs and discs, swings, hammocks, rocker boards, platform swings, rolling tubes, and other manually propelled and or gravity assisted devices.
While these conventional devices provide some measure of vestibular stimulation, they are limited in their ability to provide it in a powerful, controlled, repeatable, and safe way.

GyroStim was designed specifically to break through the limitations of manually propelled therapy equipment and other single and multi-axis powered devices. It provides clinicians, athletic trainers, and medical researchers the precision, power, and safety needed for the practical application of vestibular stimulation.

Conventional Equipment versus GyroStim:

Vestibular Therapy Equipment


Interactive Targeting Technology
GyroStim holds a patent for interactive targeting while inside a rotating chair.

GyroStim’s rotating chair is surrounded by an arrangement of repositionable laser detecting targets, for which there are many possible configurations and applications of use. The practitioner may ask the subject to hold a laser pointer in their dominant or non-dominant hand, or in both hands. While in motion, the subject may be asked to hit as many targets as possible with the laser beam, providing excellent visual-vestibular stimulation, sensorimotor and spatial awareness exercises, and mental acuity challenges --- all at the same time.

The targets reward the subject with visual and audible cues when hit. Also, the targets communicate the hit data to the GyroStim computer and software, informing the practitioner of the number of hits and hits per minute. This data, compiled with qualitative data, helps the practitioner provide individualized and optimized sessions for each subject. The practitioner can include additional strategies that add cognitive and physical challenge, further enhancing the effectiveness of the training.    

Safety is the number one priority. GyroStim has undergone safety testing with Intertek Testing Services NA, Inc., a leader in equipment and medical device safety testing. GyroStim software and hardware have been meticulously designed with redundant safety measures and a “fail-safe” design approach.

Today, every new GyroStim system has over a decade of experience and safety built in. One of the strongest indications of GyroStim safety is that after millions of spins in locations around the world, rotating thousands of people from all walks of life, there have been ZERO reports of injury as a result of device malfunction. 

Providing vestibular stimulation to large and heavy subjects can create safety hazards for practitioners, too. GyroStim reduces these hazards, making it safe and practical for any size practitioner to provide services for large and heavy subjects.

Computer Control
In essence, Gyrostim is a computer-controlled robot designed to generate vestibular stimulation by moving people through space. The GyroStim system utilizes a master/slave configuration of computers resulting in the precise execution of motion profiles. Every aspect of motion is computer controlled, with exacting precision and repeatability.

GyroStim is engineered with state-of-the-art direct-drive systems that produce smooth, quiet, powerful, and precise motions. The drive systems are capable of accelerating up to 180 °/s2, and rotation rates of up to 180 °/s continuously, with subjects up to 400lbs.

GyroStim is designed with an adjustable seat and harness system. It can accommodate individuals up to 7’, tall, and up to 400 lbs. An optional patient transport system is available to assist the loading and unloading of challenged and non-ambulatory subjects.

Maintenance Free
The drive systems are fully enclosed and maintenance free. There are no chains to lubricate, cables to adjust or electronic devices to calibrate. Daily wipe down of the chair, visual inspections, and a test run before first use each day are recommended.